A1 Milk VS A2 Milk : Which is Best for Health? Shahji Ghee

A1 Milk VS A2 Milk : Which is Best for Health?

Have you ever thought, what is the source of the milk we drink everyday at our home? The health effects and the nutrition we get, all depends upon the type of milk and the breed of the cow it came from.

Recently, A2 milk is getting popular than A1 milk, because of its magical health benefits.

A1 Milk VS A2 Milk - Which is Best for Health?

A1 milk, which is most commonly used in our households are obtained from western origin cows like Jersey, Holstein etc.

A2 milk is originated in India and is obtained from Indian Origin cows like Gir, Sahiwal, Rathi etc

A1 milk is way cheaper than A2 milk because its easily available. However, A2 milk is now gaining popularity among consumers because of its benefits and nutritional content.

Indian breed cows are recognized by their hump which has a specific vein called the SURYA KETU NADI that absorbs energy from sun and moon. The energy absorbed boosts Vitamin D and enhances immunity of a human who consumes the milk.


Basic Difference Between A1 milk and A2 milk

Cows with both A1 & A 2 beta casein protein, are A1 milk producers, they are also called hybrids. On the other hand; cows with only A2 beta casein protein is A2 milk producers and the cows are not genetically mutated.

Regular milk or A1 milk with A1 beta casein protein contains an amino acid which, when broken down it converts into a peptide called beta – casomorphin or BCM-7; this peptide is associated with myriads of health issues. 

What is the reasons to immediately switch from A1 Milk to A2 Milk?

Milk obtained from Desi Cow Breeds contains high level of Omega 3, that helps in controlling the bad cholesterol from our body. A2 milk consists cerebrosides and strontium that helps to boost brain power and protects the body from harmful radiation. A2 beta casein protein present in this milk has anti-cancer properties.

A2 milk is easy to digest that makes it consumable for all age groups from children to age old people and is perfect for lactose intolerant people.

On the other hand, A1 Milk does not have enough nutrients to cope up with good health and well-being and has negative effects too, if consumed for long period of time.

Shahji A2 Ghee is made using Indian Breeds and milking is done by hand, no milking machines are used and no artificial growth hormones has been used for their development.

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