All About Ghee - An Indian Superfood (Part One)

All About Ghee - An Indian Superfood (Part One)

Ghee is a superfood that is known for its purity and beautiful aroma. Ghee is a staple ingredient in Indian cooking and trusted by millions of mothers for its health benefits and scrumptious taste it gives to Indian Cuisine. Pure Ghee gained attention for its association with Keto and Paleo diets, but at the same time is bombarded with myths. Therefore, the question arises that, Is this beautifully textured and aromatic superfood beneficial for our health?

So, let’s take a look at what Ghee actually is, its health benefits and the best ways to use it in your day-to-day life.


What is Ghee?

Ghee is a type of clarified butter which is treated with low heat that leaves behind milk solids. The solids are then skimmed off, what remains is only liquid fat which is known as GHEE - treated under 100 degrees and that’s how it retains more nutrients than standard clarified butter.

Traditionally made Ghee is always found in its pure form as it is unprocessed and unadulterated which gives the perfect aroma, flavour and deep golden-brown beautiful tempting colour to it.

Pure Ghee has high smoke point which makes it ideal for high cooking methods like stir-frying, deep frying and sautéing.

At the same time processed Ghee is made using Malai or Cream for their curdling process rather than using curd (as used in Traditional Bilona Vedic Method). Processed Ghee has added preservatives to prolong their shelf life and that’s where it loses its purity and quality.


Traditional Bilona Method

Bilona method is a traditional Vedic method to get Pure, Aromatic, High-Quality & Unprocessed Ghee that takes Indian food to next level. To obtain this purest form of Ghee, milking is done by hand and then milk is converted into curd to retain its nutrients.

Curd is then churned as per the Traditional Vedic Bilona method using wooden churners by hands in order to obtain butter. Butter is then heated under 100 degree Celsius until all the water content is evaporated to get the purest form.

The heating process is done on a low flame which retains more vitamins and nutrients.

On the other hand, in the commercial or machine – based process, fat is separated at high speed by industrial motor which is heated until ghee is formed. This allows to obtain mass scale and reduce cost which as a result lost its aroma and flavour.


Health Benefits of Traditional made Bilona Ghee


  • Immune Booster – Ghee made from Ayurvedic traditional Bilona method retains more nutrients than normal ghee and contains a greater number of essential vitamins and other nutrients that helps in increasing our immunity.
  • Strong Bones – As Ghee made for wooden churners using traditional method it contains Vitamin K2 which helps in transporting calcium into your body. You can eat as much as calcium but is of no use, if it is not accompanied by Vitamin K2.
  • Treats Inflammation - Has butyric acid and Omega fatty acids which acts against inflammation in your gut and reduce swelling.
  • Flawless Glowing Skin – With super healthy omega fatty acids and vitamins in Ghee, it is amazing for your skin. With Vitamin E in Ghee, it helps in collagen production. Make a pack by mixing it with turmeric, honey or Besan and apply it on your face 3-4 times in a week and see the results. It’s anti-ageing and
  • Great for Lactose Intolerants – Ghee is not at all dairy free, though its a great choice for people who are lactose intolerant as it contains extremely low levels of casein which is a milk protein.
  • Aids in Weight Loss – a superfood that increases metabolism and digestion as Ghee contains short chain fatty acids. Ghee is also an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins which aids in weight loss.
  • Heart Friendly – Ghee made from traditional method with the use of grass-fed cow’s milk has more conjugated linoleic acid which reduces bad cholesterol and at the same time vitamin K2 present in Ghee, reduces chances of blockages.


Benefits of this Indian superfood are endless and will always be loved for its Fragrance, Texture and Purity. Indian cuisine would never get its aroma without the best quality unprocessed Ghee. We at Shahji feels that our Ghee will bring back the tempting aroma and taste that we can only reminiscence.

Basic Home Remedies Using Ghee

Basic Home Remedies Using Ghee

All About Ghee - An Indian Superfood (Part Two)

All About Ghee - An Indian Superfood (Part Two)

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