All About Ghee - An Indian Superfood (Part Two)

All About Ghee - An Indian Superfood (Part Two)

So, the previous article was just not enough. This is with the continuation of the previous blog - Ghee as an Indian Superfood is quite versatile. From Khichdi, paratha’s, ghee roast crispy dosas to homemade face packs for sooth and supple skin; Here are some amazing uses of Pure Desi Ghee.

  1. Ghee for Skin

Using ghee on face is an age-old process that is used and now recommended by our elders. Make a paste with honey, turmeric, besan and raw milk or whichever combination suits you according to your skin and apply it on your face for better, glowing and youthful skin. You can also use Ghee to moisturise your lips and dry skin.

  1. As a Cooking Oil

Pure Desi Ghee does not have polyunsaturated fats that makes it better choice over vegetable oil. Desi Ghee is known for its benefits as it is full of antioxidants and comprises of all the essential vitamins. With the high smoke point of Ghee, it is suitable for cooking as well as frying. Ghee is now in trend too, as it is now associated with Keto & Paleo diets

  1. For Hair Growth

Applying Pure Desi Ghee on your hair helps to make your hair softer. The active antioxidants compounds in Ghee combat toxins that would make hair feel heavy and fizz free. The Vitamin A & E in Ghee also conditions hair.

  1. For Weight Loss

Ghee increases our metabolism and perfectly goes with Ketogenic diet when losing weight. Desi Ghee made from A2 milk improves absorption of intestine and helps in digestion which is very important to avoid bloating and weight gain. But yes, anything when consumed limitlessly has bad effects whether in terms of weight management or overall health. So, just add a tea spoon to your meal.

  1. To Enhance Taste of Indian Cuisine

Pure Desi Ghee is known for its fragrance and taste and is popularly used by people to enhance the taste of their meal and give a thumbs up to their culinary skills. Famous Indian delicacies like Dal Tadka, Gajar ka Halwa, Motichoor Laddu, Crispy Dosa and many more are nothing without a dollop of Ghee on it.


So, get your hands now on Premium Pure Desi Ghee from or you can find us on Amazon and help us help you to take a step forward to a healthy lifestyle.

Stay healthy and safe! 😊

All About Ghee - An Indian Superfood (Part One)

All About Ghee - An Indian Superfood (Part One)

A2 Ghee - Purest form of Cow Ghee

A2 Ghee - Purest form of Cow Ghee

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