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Have you ever thought the ghee you are using in your daily life is pure ghee or impure ghee?

A lot of ghee manufacturers in the market replace or mix pure ghee with Vanaspati oil which is very cheap. Few manufacturers mix vegetable oils and other greasy elements in ghee to reduce the price of ghee and hence sell ghee at cheaper prices.

You can check the purity of ghee you are using at home.

Method 1
Place spoonful ghee on your palm. If the ghee starts to melt itself, it is pure since pure ghee melts at body temperature.

Method 2
Heat a spoonful of ghee and if it melts within a few seconds and appears dark brownish in colour, it is pure ghee. If it takes long to melt and is light yellow in colour, it is impure.

Method 3
Take a small amount of melted ghee in a test tube. Add a pinch of sugar and concentrated hydrochloric acid to it. Shake it well and wait for five minutes. If the lower acid layer turns crimson in colour, it shows the presence of vanaspati oil in ghee. But if there is no change in the colour of mixture, it means there is no adulteration.

Using these simple tests at home, you can easily find if the ghee you are using is pure or adulterated.

Try Shahji ghee today, to be assured of the purity. Our desi ghee is free from any kind of adulteration and preservatives. Also, we ensure that the nutritional value of the ghee we manufacture remains intact by cooking it over low flame.

Order Shahji ghee today to taste the purity and ensure great health for your family.

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Jan 11, 2020 • Posted by Basant

Thanks for guidance.

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