What is A2 Ghee, Price and its Benefits?

What is A2 Ghee and its Benefits?

The super healthy primary ingredient for cooking in every Indian household is Ghee. Ghee is recommended for everyone, from children to pregnant woman; our elders and doctors always trust Pure Ghee for its amazing health benefits.

Ghee can be made from cow, buffalo, sheep and goat milk. However, the purest form of Desi Cow Ghee is made from A2 Cow Milk – milk of cows originating in India (Desi Cows).

What is A2 Ghee?

A2 Desi Ghee is the premium quality form of Ghee which is made from Desi Cow milk using traditional Bilona method – a hand churning method where cow milk is curdled in clay pots and the curd is then hand churned to obtain makkhan or butter, butter is then heated at a certain temperature to get the purest form.

Ghee made from Bilona method using A2 cow milk is considered more beneficial than regular Cow Ghee.  A1 β – casein protein has negative effects on people who are lactose intolerant.

Why A2 ghee is better than A1 ghee? : Know the chemistry behind it

Beta-casein is a protein found in milk, including the milk of cows. The A1 and A2 variants of beta-casein differ by a single amino acid at position 67 of the protein chain.

A1 beta-casein has the amino acid histidine at position 67, whereas A2 beta-casein has proline at the same position.

The difference in amino acids leads to different breakdown products of the proteins during digestion. A1 beta-casein can be broken down into a peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7), which has been suggested to have opioid-like effects and be linked to certain health issues.

On the other hand, A2 beta-casein does not break down into BCM-7, and is considered to be more easily digested and less likely to cause issues.

So, while there isn't a single chemical formula that explains the difference between A1 and A2 milk or ghee, the difference is due to the specific amino acid sequence of the beta-casein protein. you can learn more about it on A2 ghee.

Pure A2 Desi Cow Ghee made specifically from A2 cow milk, we here at Shahji has 2 varieties of A2 Cow Ghee – made from Sahiwal cow milk and Gir cow milk.

Gir cow ghee

We have Superior Breed of Indian Desi Cows

1. Sahiwal Cow 

Sahiwal is considered the best cattle and a valuable breed of India and a godsend to humanity as Sahiwal Milk helps in treating various ailments such as diabetes, cholesterol and heart diseases. Because of its high fat content Sahiwal Cow Milk is considered the healthiest of all!

2. Gir Cow 

Gir Cow is considered unique breed when compared to others as the cow is famous for their tolerance to various diseases that makes its milk high in price. Gir cow has high milk production capacity and is premium due to the presence of A2 beta casein in their milk. 

Characteristics of A2 Ghee

  • A2 Cow Ghee is yellow in colour due to presence of β – carotene. Our body converts β – carotene to Vitamin A (retinol) in the liver.
  • Grainy texture that shows that the Ghee is made using low heat process to retain its nutrients and texture.
  • Contains amino acids which makes it easier to digest and is way more nutritious
  • A2 cow ghee is a rich source of vitamin A, unadulterated antioxidants, premium quality protein and micronutrients that aids in building immunity.

What does Ayurveda say about Desi A2 Ghee?

Bilona churning is a 3000-year-old technique mentioned in our Vedas and Epics. As the world is struck by the Covid pandemic and fungal infections, People are moving towards indigenous techniques and medicines, and food. Awareness is increasing regarding the advantages of Desi A2 Ghee over normal ghee.

Why A2 Ghee is Costly?

Do you ever wondering why A2 ghee price looks high but actually it is not high according to their quality and health benefits. A2 ghee is totally man made process in which 1 liter ghee is made from 25-30 liter of A2 cow milk and that is the reason which make a2 ghee expensive.

Difference Between A2 Ghee Vs Normal Ghee


Bilona ghee

Normal ghee

Churning Process

Manual and slow

Mechanized and fast

Life cycle

Boiled Milk→ Curd→ White butter→ Ghee

Raw Milk→ Butter→ Ghee


Slow process

Quickest process

Use of milk

Full milk is used

Only butter is used


At the time of churning the curd, butter and whey are obtained.

The butter is used for ghee, the watery liquid or buttermilk is used as a nutritious drink

Raw milk is churned to separate butter out of it. The butter is used for ghee, and the liquid left is used as milk.


What made A2 Ghee so important for us?

Most of the Ghee brands are also doing the same, they add preservatives, colouring agents and stabilizers to get the colour and texture similar to the one made from traditional method. However, Ghee made from high processing machines and adulteration lacks in genuine nutrient content and is somewhat harmful in many ways.

Process of Making A2 Ghee


Stage 1: Boiling A2 Milk

First milk is collected from cows or buffaloes and the milk is boiled. This is done because milk was fresh and raw, and may be having impurities. Then this milk is allowed to cool till it has just enough warmth for making curd.

Stage 2: Putting Curd in milk

When milk is cooled down to curd making temperature, the whole of it including the malai (that is creamy layer) is poured into earthen pots. To convert the milk into curd, a spoonful of curd or curd starter called jamawan is added to it. Overnight the milk turns into curd.

Stage 3: Churning of Curd

Now comes to the actual Bilona Stage. The curd formed in earthen pots is poured in a bigger earthen or wooden pot in which we have the wooden Bilona with rope wrapped around it and the free ends are handheld to make the bilona turn back and forth in order to churn the curd clock-wise and anti-clockwise so as to make butter. The Bilona goes on churning out butter from the curd, which is scooped out leaving the buttermilk or whey.

Stage 4: Separate Makkhan and buttermilk

In the last stage, butter is transferred into another pot and heated to make Ghee. Since the Vedic ages wood was used to make a fire for slowly heating up the butter to make the milk solids separate from ghee.

The Bilona ghee method essentially requires heating on a low flame and the clarification process is long. In the end, the milk solids turn reddish brown and settle at the bottom. Clear bilona ghee is afloat above.

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A2 Ghee Price 1kg

A2 ghee price may vary around 1,800/kg to 3,500/kg due to the process of making ghee through bilona method is totally hand made and our brand shahji ghee has been proving a2 desi ghee since 1957 and most trustable brand in India.

You can bring pure mother's hand made pure desi ghee to your home.
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gir cow ghee
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Health Benefits of A2 Cow Ghee

1. High Smoke Point 

Doctors and dieticians recommends using A2 Cow Ghee for frying and other purposes, as it has high smoke point and does not generate toxic fumes when heated at higher temperature like other hydrogenated vegetable oils.

2. Immunity Booster

Benefits of Ghee for Immunity - Shahjighee

A2 Ghee has all-important fat-soluble vitamins which helps in functioning of our heart, skin and brain and also aids to strengthen bones.

3. Treats Inflammation

Benefits of Ghee for Anti-inflammatory - Shahjighee

As the A2 Cow Ghee is rich in conjugated linoleic acid that is extremely effective in treating inflammation.

4. Improves Digestion

Benefits of Ghee for Digestion - Shahjighee

An ideal choice for consumption for all age groups as A2 Cow Ghee is most easily digestible dairy fat.

    Health benefits of this Indian Superfood are never ending and is highly recommended and beneficial for all age groups.

    5. Helps in Glowing and Healthy Skin

    Benefits of Ghee for Skin - Shahjighee

    Ghee has lipids and fatty acids that can help treat dry skin problems. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins that are useful for healthy skin.

    • Dry Skin - Ghee acts as a deep moisturizer for dry, flaky, and damaged skin. It helps in moisture balance and hydrates the skin.
    • Anti-ageing - The antioxidants keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bay.
    • Dark circles - Ghee can help protect and repair the delicate skin around the eyes. Daily application of ghee can help you overcome the problem of dark circles.

    6. Improve Brain Development

    Benefits of Ghee for Brain Development - Shahjighee

    DHA present in ghee is good for cognitive abilities, mental alertness, and developing sharp memory. That is why, since old times, ghee has been given to children and students. 

    7. Ghee Strengthen Bone

    This liquid gold is essentially great for bone health. Ghee has multiple nutrients that make it crucial for developing bone strength

    • Vitamin A is important for bone development
    • Vitamin D is required for calcium and phosphorus absorption
    • It lubricates the joints and connective tissues. Thereby, improving flexibility, and movement, and relieving pains from joint stiffness and arthritis.

     Get your hands on our traditionally made varieties of Shahji A2 Cow Ghee – (Sahiwal Cow Breed) and Shahji A2 Gir Cow Ghee – (Gir Cow Breed) and experience exquisite variety of pure, unadulterated Ghee. Shahji Ghee is crafted with loyalty, royalty and traditional Vedic process of Bilona.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is A2 ghee?

    A2 ghee is the type of ghee which is made from A2 milk. 

    What is A1 ghee?

    It is a type of ghee that is made from A1 milk.

    What are the five benefits of A2 ghee?

    The five benefits of A2 ghee are:

    • Aids in digestion
    • Improve brain function
    • Good for eyes
    • Moisture and improve skin tone
    • Treat chapped lips

    Why is A2 ghee costly?

    A2 is costly because the milk from which this ghee is formed is limited. The Indian desi cows give only 12-15 litres of milk per day but 25-30 litres of milk is required to make 1 litre of ghee. Due to the limited supply of milk and ghee made from the bilona process, this ghee is costly.

    What is the meaning of A2 in A2 ghee?

    A2 is a variant of beta-casein protein found in cows' milk. So the ghee formed from the milk that contains A2 beta-casein protein is called A2 ghee.

    Sahiwal cow ghee

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    Cow and buffalo pure man made ghee available

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    Cow and buffalo pure man made ghee available

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