Desi Cow  Vs Hybrid Cow - Which is better? Shahji Ghee

Desi Cow Vs Hybrid Cow - Which is better?

India is the world leader in milk production, accounting for 23 per cent of the global share. It also has the largest cattle inventory in the world. Milk and milk production has always been an integral part of the Indian economy and food. Cow and buffalo are the two main animals used for milk and milk-related products (such as ghee, curd, and paneer).

The cows used in milk production belong to two categories - indigenous cattle breeds native to the Indian subcontinent and hybrid cows native to other areas (mainly Europe). Hybrid cattle have more than one breed of ancestors.

There are many differences between the two categories of cows. These dissimilarities extend not only to the animals but also to the milk and other products derived from them. 

Cow Breeds in India

Indigenous cows are native to India and have not been crossbred with any other cows. 

Hybrid cows, on the other hand, are a combination of two or more different breeds. 

Some of the cow breeds across both categories include:

  • A2 Cow Breeds (Indigenous Breeds) - Gir, Rathi, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal

  • A1 Cow or Hybrid (Imported) Cow Breeds - Jersey, Holstein Friesian, Ayrshire

How are Desi Cows and Hybrid Cows Different?

Should you go for the desi A2 cow milk or choose hybrid cow milk? There are many viewpoints to this debate. We have explained the differences here so that you can make an informed decision.

Difference Between A2 Cows( Desi Cow ) and A1 Cow ( Hybrid Cows )

A2 Cow (Desi Cow)

A1 Cow (Hybrid Cow)

Milk from A2 cows contains only A2 milk beta-casein. 

Milk from hybrid cows contains both A1 and A2 milk beta-caseins.

They have humps, longer necks with folds, and curved horns.

They have no humps, shorter necks with no folds, and short horns.

Low yield of milk - in the range of 10-20 litres per day.

High yield of milk - easily up to 30-35 litres per day.

Gives immense health benefits - highly rich in vitamins, good cholesterol, and many other micronutrients.

Low on nutrition and therefore has fewer health benefits.

A2 cows are very sturdy and less prone to diseases.

Hybrid cows are more vulnerable to diseases since they are not native breeds.

High maintenance costs including fodder, low yield, and authentic processes,

Low maintenance costs due to less amount of feed and higher milk yield.

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Milk Beta-Casein

The main difference between the two categories of cows is the beta-casein protein found in the milk they produce. A2 cows have only A2 beta-casein, whereas hybrid cows have both A1 and A2 beta caseins.

Milk with only A2 protein is much more beneficial. The indigenous breeds of India produce A2 milk protein only, and that is why they are also referred to as A2 cows.

Physical Features

There are prominent differences in the physical features of the A2 cow and hybrid cow. Some of these are:

  • Hump
    • A2 cows like Gir have a hump, which absorbs energy from the sun. The specific vein which allows the cows to do that is also known as Surya Ketu Nadi. The milk from humped cows helps us to absorb Vitamin D and also boosts immunity.
    • Hybrid cows do not have a hump and hence the benefits are not passed onto the milk they produce.
  • Neck
    • Desi breeds have a longer neck with skin folds
    • Hybrid cows have a shorter neck with no folds
  • Horn
    • Desi cows have curved horns with a thick base.
    • Hybrid cows like Jersey have large heads and relatively short horns.

Milk Yield

Indigenous cattle breeds have relatively lower yields when compared to hybrid cows. A jersey cow can easily produce up to 35 litres of milk daily, while A2 cows like Gir can give only up to a maximum of 20 litres per day. This huge difference in yield also contributes to the high cost of maintaining desi A2 cows and the milk they produce.

Health Benefits 

Milk and milk products such as ghee, curd, buttermilk, and paneer (cottage cheese) that we get from A2 cows are much more beneficial to human health.

A2 milk boosts immunity and contains many vitamins and other micronutrients that improve the functioning of our body parts like the eyes, bones, brain, and digestive system among others.

Milk derived from A1 or hybrid cows is not as beneficial. It also lacks carotene (it converts to Vitamin A) that is present in A2 milk. 

A2 milk also has colostrum similar to a mother’s milk. Colostrum contains many antibodies that are good for human health and immunity.

Susceptibility to Diseases

Desi breeds of cows adapt to the hot and humid climatic conditions in India very well. They are sturdy and less prone to diseases and infections. Hybrid cows are not so well adjusted to the weather and are much more vulnerable to falling sick.

Maintenance Cost 

To get nutritious A2 milk, the feed and fodder given to the cows have to be rich in nutrients. Most premium and high-quality milk and ghee producers like Shahji Ghee raise their cattle on grass feed and natural grazing. The maintenance cost for A2 cows is relatively high.

The hybrid cows consume less fodder while yielding almost double the amount of milk. Their maintenance cost is lesser.

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The high milk yield of hybrid cows has made many producers adopt them as milch animals over indigenous desi cows. Lower maintenance cost also make financially more attractive. However, milk and ghee from hybrid cows have lesser nutrition.

A2 cows or desi cows are not only well adjustable to their native environment, but they are also less prone to diseases. The A2 milk and A2 ghee are super beneficial for human health. They boost immunity and improve body functions. 

While A2 milk and A2 ghee are more expensive than normal milk from hybrid cows, the health benefits make it essential for you to consume only pure A2 milk products. Shahji Ghee makes pure ghee using cattle that are raised on nutrient-rich grass feed. It uses the traditional bilona method to bring you authentic ghee.

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