5+ Benefits of Applying Ghee on Belly Button - Shahjighee Shahji Ghee

5+ Benefits of Applying Ghee on Belly Button - Shahjighee

The navel or belly button is often called our second brain. In the womb, it acts as the channel to survival for the unborn child. While the navel is the portal to the solar prana, Ayurveda likens ghrita or ghee to Ojas or life force.

As mentioned in the famous ayurvedic scriptures Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita, desi ghee possesses immense therapeutic properties. The smearing of desi ghee in the navel lends multiple health benefits and vitality. It is a ritual that has been in practice for generations.

Importance of Applying Ghee on Belly Button

Energy Junction

Energy Junction | Benefits of Applying Ghee on Belly Button

The belly button or navel forms a common junction for a bundle (72000) of nerve fibres or energy channels in the body. These fibres are sensory and transmit signals from the navel to the spinal cord. The spinal cord relays signs to the brain. The brain responds by secreting chemical substances to meet the body's needs.

Seat of Knowledge

Yoga Chakra | Benefits of Applying Ghee on Belly Button

Maharishi Patanjali says in Yoga Sutra, "Nabhi Chakre Kaya Vyuh Gyanam". It roughly translates as concentrating on the navel makes you gain knowledge of the entire body. In yoga, the belly button or navel (nabhi) is known as the solar plexus, the gateway to the inflow of cosmic and solar energy. That is why the navel is also called Manipur Chakra.

Survival Channel for the Unborn Baby 

Baby | Benefits of Applying Ghee on Belly Button

When a baby is in the mother's womb, it gets all its nutrition via the placenta. The placenta is a vascularized structure inside the uterus that connects the baby to its mother through the umbilical cord. The baby gets the required nutrients from the mother through the umbilical cord. The cord is attached to the nabhi or the navel of the baby.

Therapeutic Importance

Asana | Benefits of Applying Ghee on Belly Button

Acupuncture and acupressure therapies have always used the belly button to cure diseases. Yogic techniques like Manduk Asana emphasize activating the nabhi or navel for curing ailments. Ayurveda uses Nabhi Chikitsa or lubrication of the belly button to heal the body.

Traditional Martial Arts 

Martial Arts | Benefits of Applying Ghee on Belly Button

Martial arts give importance to the belly button in that its awareness during body movements gives energy and foreknowledge about opponents' movements.

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Benefits Applying Ghee on Belly Button or Navel

Applying ghee and massaging the belly button every night has several health benefits.

Helps to Remove Dirt

Cleaning the belly button by applying ghee removes bacteria and accumulated filth. This keeps the stomach and navel regions clear of any potential ailments.

Rejuvenates and Maintains Healthy Skin

The navel is linked to the rest of the body intricately. Massaging the naval with ghee is good for the face and our skin. Ghee applied to the navel cures blemishes and delivers radiant, soft, healthy skin.

It also improves chapped lips and gives a bright complexion. The result is better than all the expensive organic creams on the market.

Good for Digestion and Cures Constipation

Ghee when applied to the navel seeps down to the stomach. Thereby, the stomach absorbs all the nutrients and distributes them in the body. Ghee provides lubrication to the body, clears intestinal passage, and reduces the risk of constipation. It helps in acid secretion in the stomach, which helps to digest and absorb food faster. 

Improves Hair Quality

Massaging the belly button with ghee cures hair dryness and provides shine to the hair. Ghee contains active antioxidant compounds which combat toxins that make hair feel heavy and cause frizz. Vitamins A and E in ghee essentially condition the hair.

Relieves Tense Joints

The joints become weak due to ageing. Their wear and tear results in arthritis, osteoporosis, inflammation, and painful joints. Navel, being the acupressure point, radiates the goodness of ghee to various joints, alleviating joint pain.

Boosts Fertility and Relief from Menstrual Cramps

Regular application of warm ghee on the belly button can help improve sperm count and mobility in males. It enhances fertility in females along with strengthening the reproductive system. It also relieves cramps and pains during menstruation.

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How to Apply Ghee to the Belly Button or Navel?

How to Apply Ghee to the Belly Button

For applying ghee to the navel, you can follow this routine. Heat to melt the ghee. Let it cool down. Pour it into the navel while lying down on your back. For best results, we recommend applying ghee to the navel every night before you go to sleep.

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Applying desi ghee on the belly button holds many benefits for our bodies. It helps in moisturising our skin, and chapped lips, enhance healthy hair, is good for constipation, and also relieves joint pains. 

To get the maximum benefits, you must use pure and good quality ghee only. Shahji Ghee has a proven record in making unadulterated and pure desi ghee using the traditional bilona method.

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