Buffalo Ghee Vs Cow Ghee - Which Ghee is Better for Health? Shahji Ghee

Buffalo Ghee Vs Cow Ghee - Which is Better?

Desi ghee comes from either cow milk or buffalo milk. Both of these are popular in Indian homes. Both cow ghee and buffalo ghee are beneficial for our health. They contain many nutrients good for our bodies and lend immunity and strength. They are good for resolving skin issues and are excellent moisturisers. 

However, both are not the same in all respects. With similarities, there are also points of difference between them. Read on to know the different properties and benefits that buffalo and cow ghee give and which one is the best.

Difference Between Buffalo Ghee and Cow Ghee

Cow Ghee vs Buffalo Ghee

Cow Ghee

Buffalo Ghee



White or Off-white


Fat, Cholesterol, Free Fatty Acids, Carotene

Similar to Cow Ghee but has no Carotene


Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Antioxidants, Calcium

Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium

Milk to Ghee Ratio

Less ghee compared to buffalo milk

More ghee for the same quantity of milk

Shelf Life

Lower shelf life

Higher shelf life

Weight Management

Helps in weight loss

Helps in weight gain


Much more digestible

Is heavier on the gut

Skin Benefits

Good for skin issues

Excellent moisturiser in winters


Has a somewhat neutral taste

Is more aromatic and flavourful

Dairy Products

Used for easily digestible food products

Used in creamy and fat-rich dairy products

Consumption by the Elderly

Preferred for its many benefits

Can be avoided by older people


Has more medicinal properties, used in Ayurveda

Not much used in Ayurveda


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1. Colour 

buffalo ghee vs cow ghee

Ghee color of buffalo ghee vs cow ghee?

The most visible difference is the color of the ghee. Buffalo ghee is white or off-white. Cow ghee on the other hand is yellow.

2. Composition

While the chemical composition of buffalo and cow is similar, carotene (that can be converted to Vitamin A) is available only in cow ghee. While the two contain fatty acids, the percentage composition varies. 

Chemical composition of Cow Ghee vs Buffalo Ghee


Cow milk ghee

Buffalo milk ghee

Fat (%)

99 – 99.5

99 – 99.5

Moisture (%)






Vitamin A(IU/g)



Cholesterol (mg/100g)

302 – 362

209 – 312


26 – 48

18 – 31

Free fatty acid (%)



Source: (R.P.Aneja et al., Technology of Indian milk products, Dairy India publication. Section 3.4: Fat rich dairy products, page 187.)

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3. Nutrients 

Buffalo Ghee vs Cow Ghee for Nutritional benefits 

nutritional value of ghee

Both the ghee have calcium and vitamins. Cow ghee has a higher number of nutrients including minerals, antioxidants, and proteins. Buffalo ghee is a good source of phosphorus and magnesium. It also has a higher percentage of calcium.

4. Milk to Ghee Ratio 

Milk to Ghee Ratio of Buffalo Ghee and Cow Ghee

Milk to Ghee ratio

Ghee extracted from buffalo milk is higher compared to the ghee from the same amount of cow milk. This also impacts the cost of ghee, making buffalo ghee more affordable than its counterpart.

5. Shelf Life 

Shelf Life of Buffalo Ghee and Cow Ghee

Buffalo ghee has higher fat content which results in higher shelf life, whereas cow ghee has a relatively lesser shelf life.

6. Weight Management 

Which is best ghee - buffalo ghee vs cow ghee for weight loss and weight gain?

Cow ghee helps in weight loss because it can burn unwanted fat. On the other hand, calories and fat present in buffalo milk help in gaining weight. However, in no case should ghee be consumed beyond a healthy amount. Buffalo ghee is especially suited for people who are physically very active and want to put on some weight.

7. Digestion

Benefits of Ghee for Digestion

Which is best ghee - buffalo ghee vs cow ghee for Digestion?

the presence of Butyric acid in ghee helps in metabolism. But cow ghee is much more digestible and lighter on the gut than buffalo ghee.

8. Skin Benefits

Benefits of Ghee for Skin

Which is best ghee - buffalo ghee vs cow ghee for Skin?

Ghee is extremely beneficial for the skin. You can apply a small amount on your face and body for deep moisturisation, especially in winters. Buffalo ghee works very well for treating chapped lips, dry and dull skin, and dark circles.

9. Cooking 

 Benefits of Ghee for cooking

Which is best ghee - buffalo ghee vs cow ghee for Cooking?

Pure ghee has a high smoking point and is a great option for sauteeing and frying at high heat. Desi ghee sweets are popular delicacies and are preferred for special occasions.

Both cow ghee and buffalo ghee are used for cooking. However, the aroma and flavour they lend to food vary. Cow ghee has a more neutral taste whereas buffalo ghee has a particular flavour that many food enthusiasts love.

10. Dairy Products 

Buffalo milk and therefore ghee has a creamy and rich texture. It is therefore preferred for producing fat-based dairy products.

11. Consumption by Elderly People 

Which is best ghee - buffalo ghee vs cow ghee for Elders People?

Cow ghee is preferable to buffalo ghee since it boosts bone strength, improves brain and mental powers, is good for heart and eyesight and contains healthy cholesterol. It is also easily digestible and helps in bowel movements.

12. Use in Ayurveda 

ghee in ayurveda

Which ghee is Used in Ayurveda cow ghee or buffalo ghee?

According to Ayurveda, cow ghee has much more medicinal properties. It is therefore used in Ayurvedic medicines, concoctions, decoctions, and treatments like ‘Nasya Vidhi’. Religious rituals also prefer cow ghee over any other ghee.

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There is no clear answer for which ghee is the best. Overall, cow ghee has more beneficial properties than buffalo ghee. It is fit to be consumed by people of all ages, especially children. It helps in improving metabolism and immunity.

Buffalo ghee, on the other hand, is a culinary delight. It lends a sweet aroma and loads of flavour to the recipes. People who love ghee-based food and sweets prefer its rich texture and granular structure.

Both have their unique taste and texture. Finally, it comes down to the personal preference of consumers. While some people use both cow ghee and buffalo ghee as per specific requirements, some people stick to their favorite ghee. 

Shahji Ghee produces both Cow Ghee and Buffalo Ghee using the traditional bilona method. The ghee is made in small batches so that freshness and purity are maintained at the highest standards. Shop now and get your daily dose of healthy and wholesome goodness today.

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