Ghee For Cholesterol: Things You Should Know? - Shahjighee Shahji Ghee

Ghee For Cholesterol: Things You Should Know? - Shahjighee

Before we understand whether ghee increases cholesterol levels, let us first understand what cholesterol is.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the fatty cells of blood stream.

How Much Cholesterol Found in Ghee?

Well ghee has good cholesterol which means it is healthier for our human body.


 Cholesterol Level

1. Cow Ghee 0.32%
2. Buffalo Ghee 0.27%


Cholesterol in Cow ghee is about approx. 0.32%, on the other hand Cholesterol in buffalo ghee is about approx. 0.27%

There are Two Types Of Cholesterol

ghee & Cholesterol | Does Ghee Increase Cholesterol

It is often the bad cholesterol that increases the risk of health problems since it tends to accumulate in the arteries. Therefore, it is important to maintain an appropriate balance between LDL and HDL for healthy cholesterol levels.

What Does Health Expert Say About Cholesterol?

Most health expert suggests that if you’re healthy, you should not consume more than 300 grams of cholesterol everyday and if you’re suffering from high cholesterol, then limit your intake to less than 200 grams daily.

Myth About Ghee

Negative marketing and stigma from the west termed ghee as “Fattening” and “Super Unhealthy”. And many of us got manipulated with this western jargon. But the truth triumphed and ghee has found premium place on the shelves of super market of the west with the name, “Clarified Butter”. 

Ghee and Cholesterol Relationship: Ghee For Cholesterol - Good or Bad?

Ghee Cholesterol Relationship | Does Ghee Increase Cholesterol

It is true that high fat-based foods are proven for their anti-health impact on the heart, and they are assumed to act as a cholesterol trigger. But then, how come ghee butter is health-friendly and how clarified butter helps in controlling cholesterol?

  • Hereby when mentioning ghee, we’re indicating at pure cow ghee, procured from 100% grass fed cow milk. Yes, when you plan to consume pure cow ghee in moderation along with diet restrictions, you will enjoy the digestive benefits of ghee. 
  • According to a recent study, on the people of India, it has been observed that healthy fat and cholesterol level in blood is healthier in people who consume more cow clarified butter and less mustard oil.
  • Ghee Cholesterol quantity ranges from 252 to 284 mg per 100 grams out of which HDL cholesterol is the major component.
  • You should not consider ghee cholesterol relation as completely negative, if you can practice consuming it in moderation. 

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Ghee For Cholesterol: Is Ghee Harmful To Health?

Does Ghee Increase Cholesterol

We need to remember that too much of anything can be bad for health. This is applicable for pure cow ghee as well. Indiscriminate use of pure cow ghee can be risky for your health. But if you consume pure cow ghee in moderation, there are more health benefits than harm.

The key is awareness of the quality of pure cow ghee and the process of adding it to the diet.

You may use ghee for baking, sautéing, and frying instead of using common cooking oil as the high smoking point of pure cow ghee is an advantage for pure ghee cholesterol level control. 

Does Ghee Has HDL - A Good Cholesterol?

HDL is a good cholesterol. It is beneficial to body because it whisks cholesterol away from the arterial walls and off the liver, protecting against the plaque building up, which is a common trigger of heart attack.

So, higher levels of HDL, goes hand in hand with lower level of triglycerides and you can maintain a healthy heart with the ghee diet support. 

Cow Ghee And Cholesterol Control

DL & LDL | Does Ghee Increase Cholesterol

Always remember pure cow ghee diet and a sedentary life style can be dangerous for every human being irrespective of their age range and general health condition.

 Along with a pure cow ghee diet, an active life style and a good amount of rest can be helpful for staying healthy and staying away from cardiac diseases.
According to dieticians, everyday 3 teaspoons of pure cow ghee is harmless and keep your cholesterol count in control if coupled with healthy diet and active life style and thus help in keeping ghee cholesterol problem away.

At What Temperature Does The Cholesterol In Ghee Become Oxidized?

Ghee has a high smoking point, which is 485 degrees Fahrenheit. If the cooking temperature crosses this smoking point, then the stability of ghee gets compromised.

This is the time when ghee oil breaks down and the total ghee cholesterol content in ghee cooked food get oxidized. If your cooking temperature remains below the smoking point of ghee, there is no risk of oxidation of cholesterol. 

Can People Who Suffer From LDL Cholesterol Eat Pure Cow Ghee?

There is no direct relation between cow ghee cholesterol and LDL type cholesterol. If 100% grass fed cow’s milk is used for making organic cow ghee. And if a consumer, practices overeating ghee along with a sedentary lifestyle, there is a high chance that his blood will get high blood cholesterol.

According to good cholesterol and bad cholesterol study, if you maintain a moderate pure cow ghee diet and an active lifestyle, you have little risk of developing high LDL, but by maintaining the opposite, which means a ghee diet and a sedentary lifestyle, you can harm your health pretty well.

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Does Ghee Increase Cholesterol?



Many research studies have proved that pure cow ghee is an excellent source of Vitamin E, which has significant antioxidant properties helping in reducing the risk of cancer, arthritis, cataract and heart disease. Since ghee can help the body absorb some essential vitamins and minerals. So, cooking healthy foods and vegetables with ghee may help you absorb more nutrients.

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