7 Best Ways To Use Ghee for Skin - Shahjighee Shahji Ghee

7 Best Ways To Use Ghee for Skin - Shahjighee

We all know about the many benefits of consuming ghee. It boosts our immunity, digestion, brain and heart health, and bone strength. But is ghee good for our skin too? The answer is yes. Ghee is extremely beneficial for our skin health as well.

Some of us might remember our parents applying ghee on our lips in winter. It would take care of chapped and dry lips. Ghee is beneficial for our skin in many other ways too. You should not only eat ghee for better skin quality but also apply it to your face.

7 Best Effective Ghee Benefits For Skin | Best Ways To Use Ghee for Skin

Desi ghee is a nutrient-rich food. It contains complex lipids, essential fatty acids, Vitamins A, D, E, and carotene. It also has antioxidants and CLA. All these elements help in improving skin health on regular use. 

Here are the top 5 ways we can use ghee on our skin.

1. Moisturising the Skin 

 Ghee Benefits For Skin

You can use ghee to moisturise your face regularly. It acts as a natural moisturiser. Here are the Ghee Benefits For Skin ( Moistursing )

  • Mix equal amounts of ghee and water. 
  • Massage your face with this watery solution.
  • Let it be on for at least 15 minutes.
  • Wash it off with cold water post that.

2. Hydrating Dry Skin

 Ghee Benefits For Skin

Since ghee is an excellent moisturiser, it also helps in the deep hydration of your skin. This is particularly useful in combating dry and dull skin in winter. Here are the Ghee Benefits For Skin ( Dry Skin )

  • Take 1-2 tablespoons of ghee and warm it till.
  • Massage your entire body with it. Be careful that it is not so hot as to burn your skin.
  • Leave it on for 5 minutes and then take a bath to wash it off.

It will leave you with a sensation of supple and hydrated skin in the cold weather. You can do this twice a week or even more depending on the dryness of your skin.

3. Brightening Up Dull and Pigmented Skin

 Ghee Benefits For Skin

Ghee is also good for treating pigmentation and dullness of the face.Here are the Ghee Benefits For Skin ( Brightening Skin )

  • Take equal amounts of raw milk, besan (chickpea flour), and desi ghee.
  • Mix them to make a paste.
  • Apply it to your face as a face pack.
  • Leave it on till it dries off completely.
  • Wash off your face using cold water.

You can use this as a face pack twice a week and you will have glowing skin that is bright and free from blemishes.

 4. Curing Chapped and Pigmented Lips

 Ghee Benefits For Skin

Ghee is exceedingly good for moisturising lips. It can also help in de-tanning dark and pigmented lips. Here are the Ghee Benefits For Skin ( Solve Pigmented lips )

  • For chapped lips 

    • Just apply ghee every night on your lips. 

    • Wash it off in the morning.

  • For exfoliating the lips

    • Mix equal amounts of ghee and sugar (fine or powdered).
    • Gently rub this paste on your lips in a circular motion.
    • Let it be absorbed by the lips.
    • Wipe your lips with a soft cloth or tissue.

Ghee can completely heal chapped and dry lips. Ghee also helps in removing dead cells and keeps the lips nourished.

5. Reducing Dark Under-Eye Circles

 Ghee Benefits For Skin

Hectic schedules and unhealthy levels of screen time affect our eyesight. They also make our eyes look dull, and tired, and give us deep dark under-eye circles. Ghee not only improves eyesight but also helps in reducing dark spots under the eyes. Here are the Ghee Benefits For Skin ( Solve Eye Dark Circle )

  • Take a bit of ghee on your finger.
  • Apply it under the eyes and upper eyelids.
  • Let it remain there.

Do this every night and you will find dark circles vanishing. Your eyes will also feel fresh, relaxed, and brighter.

6. Smoothening Facial Skin

 Ghee Benefits For Skin

The antioxidants and Vitamin E in ghee can help in reducing wrinkles and reduce skin ageing. Ghee when applied on the face helps in the production of collagen and maintains elasticity. Here are the Ghee Benefits For Skin ( Smoothening facial skin )

  • Take equal quantities of pure ghee and pure honey.
  • Mix them nicely.
  • Apply it to your face evenly and let it rest for 20 minutes.
  • After that, wash your face with lukewarm water.

This will not only help in an even tone but also reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Honey and ghee paste also gives you an instant glow.

7. Healing Cuts and Rashes

 Ghee Benefits For Skin

Do you know that ghee can also help in healing minor wounds? Along with turmeric, another wonder ingredient in your kitchen, you can make an easy salve. Here are the Ghee Benefits For Skin ( Healing Cuts & Rashes )

  • Take 1 tablespoon of ghee.
  • Mix it with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  • Apply it on minor cuts, burns, and rashes.
  • Cover with a gauze piece or fresh bandage.

Since turmeric leaves stains on clothes, be careful while applying this salve mixture.

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Ghee has healing and moisturizing properties. When you eat ghee regularly, it helps in forming healthy and supple skin. Applying ghee to the skin, face, and lips is an age-old method to get fresh and nourished skin. Regular use of ghee helps to reduce spots, pigmentation, and dark circles and hydrates the skin.

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So now you learnt about the ghee benefits for skin, It is however also essential that you use the best desi ghee in your food as well as the above remedies. Adulterated and poor-quality ghee will not give you the benefits. Shahji Ghee is made with utmost care using the traditional bilona method. It is the best desi ghee that you can get.

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