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10 Natural Ways To Use Desi Ghee For Cold And Cough

Cold and cough are the most common ailments. They are easy to catch during the change of seasons and when the air has pollens or pollutants. People who are more prone to allergies need to be on guard against cough and cold.

The covid pandemic made the world realize how scary and life-threatening colds and coughs can be. However, simple home remedies using desi ghee can effectively tackle the problems at the nascent stage.

10 Ghee Remedies For Cold And Cough or Congestion

best ways to use ghee for cold and cough

#1. Use Ghee With Garlic Cloves

Take a few garlic cloves and sauté them in ghee. Let them rest till they are warm, and then eat.

#2. Ghee Rubbing

Heat some ghee and rub it on your chest, hands, and legs. If the ghee is aged desi cow ghee it will loosen the cough in the chest. This will keep the body warm, treat cold and prevent it from creeping into the body.

#3. Use Ghee With Onions

Take 1-2 onions and saute them in desi cow ghee. This when eaten proves an effective remedy for sore throat. 

#4. Drop Ghee On Nasal - Ancient Practice

Heat a teaspoon of pure desi cow ghee and fill a clean dropper with it when it is warm. Using ghee as a nasal drop will combat the cold and dryness. It will also prevent crust formation on the nostrils. The ghee nasal drop remedy is an ancient practice to cure sinuses. Put 2-3 drops and sniff before going to sleep and also 2-3 times during the day. 

#5. Ghee Massage on Nostrils

Massage the inner walls of the nostrils with desi ghee to release constriction, and relax the tissues and musculature.

#6. Use Peppercorns With Ghee - A Effective Remedy

Take some peppercorns and dry roast them. Grind these to a powder and mix it with desi ghee. Eat it. This is especially an effective remedy for cough in babies. If the baby is too small intake this, then heat about 3 tsp of desi ghee and put in a few peppercorns (whole or smashed). Saute for a few minutes and then sieve (pressing down the pepper). Now give small doses of this peppercorn ghee throughout the day.

#7. Use Cardamom With Ghee

Take four pieces of cardamom, 1/2 spoon rock sugar, and 1/2 spoon lukewarm cow ghee thrice daily to get relief from a dry cough. Diabetics need to abstain from rock sugar though.

#8. Use Lukewarm Milk or Water With Ghee

In chronic cases of dry cough make turmeric milk. Make it with one teaspoon of desi ghee, lukewarm milk, ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder, and powdered sugar candy. Stir well and drink. In 7-10 days the issue will be resolved. If you are lactose intolerant, use lukewarm water instead of milk.

#9. Use Dry Ginger Power, Turmeric and Jaggery With Ghee

Take Ghee, dry ginger powder, turmeric, and jaggery in small amounts and roll them into small laddoos. Eat one first thing in the morning and the last thing before sleep. This mix will reduce symptoms of cold and flu, boost immunity, help control body temperature and ward off drowsiness.

#10. Ayurvedic Nasal Drop Therapy

Nasya treatment is an Ayurvedic nasal drop therapy for severe sinus issues and colds. In Nasya, a few drops of lukewarm pure cow ghee (made from unadulterated cow milk) are poured into the nostrils first thing in the morning. Repeat this twice daily in case of severe congestion (before bed and after waking up in the morning).

A word of caution: Nasya needs to be undertaken only after consultation with an Ayurvedic expert and under their supervision only.

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10 Benefits of Ghee in Reducing Cold and Cough

  1. Ghee is anti-inflammatory and helps in relieving sinus pressure. 
  2. Smearing warm ghee in a clogged nostril can clear the blockage and remove harmful toxins. 
  3. Ghee is not just a lubricant for a dry nose, but also a good shield against allergens. It effectively traps the particles that can trigger allergies.
  4. Ghee clears the nasal cavity, thereby preventing congestion build-up and improving respiratory functioning and breathing. 
  5. Ghee has antibacterial properties that combat germs causing cough and other infections.
  6. Cow ghee can also loosen chest congestion during chronic coughing.
  7. The fatty acids in pure cow ghee reduce the throat irritation that too much coughing can cause. 
  8. Body application of ghee during winter causes insulation that prevents the cold from seeping in through the body.
  9. As an ingredient in Ayurvedic concoctions like Chyawanprash, it helps absorb the vitamins and minerals from other ingredients because of Vitamin K. This strengthens the immune system and combats colds and coughs.
  10. Ghee has saturated fats and anti-oxidants which act against dangerous free radicals. So the foods prepared in ghee are not only tastier but also healthier.

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