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5+ Best Ways to Use Ghee For Weight Loss

Desi ghee is usually associated with fat and weight gain. So it might seem counterintuitive to learn that ghee helps in weight loss. If you are confused, we have explained how exactly can ghee help you in your journey to lose weight.

How Does Ghee Help in Weight Loss?

There is science behind how ghee helps to reduce weight. It contains fatty acids, especially DHA (omega-3) and CLA (omega 6) that are useful in weight reduction. Some of the ways it helps in pulling down the weight include:

1. Reduce Excess Fat

DHA and CLA in ghee reduce the fat levels in the body by decreasing excess fat and increasing lean body mass.

    2. Improve Digestion 

    Ghee has short-chain fatty acids that help in faster and better digestion. Good digestion is important for weight loss.

      3. Thyroid Balance 

      Ghee has Vitamin D and helps in managing thyroid imbalances, which is crucial for weight reduction.

        4. Smaller Fat Cells 

        The amino acid in ghee help in making the fat cells reduce in size.

          5. Burn Stored Fat

          Ghee enables the burning of stored fat cells into energy, which increases weight loss.

            Multiple studies have proven that a healthy digestive system is crucial for weight loss. According to a Harvard article, instead of food with healthy fats, consuming low-fat food rich in carbohydrates results in weight gain.

            Best Type of Ghee to Consume for Weight Loss

            You must keep in mind that eating any type of ghee in indiscriminate amounts will certainly not help you to lose those inches. You have to be conscious of the quality and the quantity of ghee that you eat daily. Remember, moderation is key.

            Which Ghee Should I Eat For Weight Loss?

            You should eat only cow ghee that has been made by the traditional process of churning curd to separate butter through the bilona process. The butter made from this is cooked on slow heat to make ghee. Avoid buffalo ghee, since it makes you gain more weight.

            The milk used for making the ghee must be sourced from grass-fed A2 cows. Shahji Ghee is a trusted source of the best A2 cow ghee that offers you ghee made from A2 cow milk using the bilona method.

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            You can read more about A2 cows and the benefits of their milk.

            How Much Ghee Should I Eat For Weight Loss?

            Ayurveda experts and nutritionists recommend daily consumption of not more than 1-2 teaspoons (10 to 15 ml) of ghee. Coupled with this, you have to cut down or avoid other fats like vanaspati ghee (vegetable oil), butter, and refined oil. If your consumption exceeds the recommended quantity, it can lead to fat accumulation and weight gain.

            5+ Amazing Ways to Consume Ghee for Weight Loss

            There are many ways you can include ghee in your daily meals. The following are some options you can try:

            1. Use Ghee As Cooking Oil 

            Ghee used as cooking oil
            Pure desi ghee has a high smoking point and is a suitable medium for cooking, frying, and sauteeing.

              2. Ghee for seasoning 

              Ghee tadka
              You can use ghee for seasoning (tadka) in almost every dish. It makes the food more aromatic and flavourful.

                3. Ghee as a spread 

                Ghee With Roti
                You can also use ghee as a spread on your roti or add a dash to the dal, rice, khichdi, pulao, or even a curry.

                  4. Ghee in your morning tea or coffee 

                  ghee with coffee
                  Adding pure desi ghee to your tea or coffee lowers the calorie intake and is more filling since it has fat.

                    5. Ghee with water 

                    ghee with water
                    Experts recommend adding ghee to lukewarm water and drinking this on empty stomach in the morning. This leads to many benefits including lubricating the jints, moisturising the skin, flushing out toxins and boosting digestion. Improved metabolism helps to reduce weight

                      BONUS #6 - Ghee with milk 

                      ghee with milk
                      Ayurveda highly recommends adding a teaspoon of ghee to warm milk. Have this ghee-topped milk at night before sleeping. It helps to treat constipation and smoothens bloating problems. This again helps in losing weight.


                          Cow ghee is not only nutritious and beneficial for health, but it also helps in reducing weight. The presence of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids makes it a suitable addition to your daily meal if you want to cut down on some kilos. 

                          However, your combined daily intake of cow ghee should not exceed 1-2 teaspoons. You also have to lead an active lifestyle. A sedentary routine will not be of much help.

                          Equally important is that the ghee you are eating comes from a trusted source. It should be rich in nutrients and made using the bilona method that preserves all the goodness within. For pure and best quality A2 cow ghee, you can always trust Shahji Ghee.

                          Shahji Ghee is the best A2 desi cow ghee brand in India. You can buy Pure A2 Desi Ghee directly from our farm here -
                          Sahiwal Cow A2 Desi Ghee
                          Pure A2 Desi Ghee ( Sahiwal Cow )
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