7+ Benefits of Consuming Ghee with Lemon Shahji Ghee

7+ Benefits of Consuming Ghee with Lemon

Desi ghee is a wonder food as per Ayurveda. The presence of this golden yellow liquid in our daily diet enhances the aroma and the nutrition of food. Its rich nutrient profile comprising vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fatty acids is beneficial for our health.

Lemon is another miracle in the Ayurvedic world. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, fiber, minerals, essential oils, carbs, and water. Desi ghee taken with lemon juice enhances the benefits many times. This combination is not just a taste enhancer but is also extremely healthy.

The Nutritive Components in Lemon



Citric acid (organic acid)


Prevents kidney stone formation

Hesperidin (antioxidant )

Provides strength to blood vessels and prevents atherosclerosis (fatty deposits in side arteries )

Diosmin (antioxidant )

Improves the circulatory system, helps muscle toning and reduces inflammation in blood vessels


Eriocitrin (an antioxidant found in the peel and juice)



D-limonene (an essential oil found in the peel)

Provides lemons with a distinct aroma, Relieves heartburn and stomach reflux.

Vitamin C


is Important for immune function and skin health


Lowers blood pressure levels and promotes heart health


Vitamin B6


Converts food into energy

Soluble fibers (like pectin)

Slows down the digestion of sugar and starch thus helping in lowering sugar

The Nutritive Profile of Ghee



Butyric Acid or Butyrate (Short chain fatty acid)

Anti-inflammation and anti-cancer


DHA  (Omega-3 fatty acid)

Gives a boost to mental health

CLA (Omega 6 fatty acid)

Decreases bad cholesterol levels, Elevates good cholesterol

Vitamin A (a fat-soluble vitamin)

Vital for eyesight and bones, good for reproduction and skin, and fights cancer

Vitamin D (a fat-soluble vitamin)

Promotes calcium and phosphorus absorption, bone, and teeth health

Vitamin E (a fat-soluble vitamin)

Antioxidant, good for skin

Vitamin K (a fat-soluble vitamin)

Helps in absorbing calcium, vital for the heart, bones, and teeth.


7+ Amazing Benefits of Consuming Ghee With Lemon

Amazing Benefits of Consuming Ghee With Lemon

The ghee-lemon mix is a recipe for good health because it combines the qualities of two magical ingredients. The following are the benefits of this awesome combination.

1. Boosting The Immune System

ghee boost immunity

Both ghee and lemon are abundant in antioxidants. When combined, they boost the immune system tremendously. Ayurveda recommends taking lemon and ghee in hot water every day. 

2. Improves Digestive System

ghee for digestion

Ghee is a rich source of butyric acid, while lemon is rich in citric acid. Taking ghee and lemon juice in hot water improves peristalsis, the smooth and easy downward movement of food through the digestive tract by lubricating it. It also supports the secretion of beneficial enzymes in the gut area which improves digestion.

3. Relief From Stomach Gas And Constipation

Lemon and ghee together reduce constipation, and intestinal and bile diseases. The combination lubricates the intestinal walls, which clears the passage and prevents constipation. Ghee and lemon reduce abdominal pain, bloating, and other symptoms of constipation. 1 spoonful of ghee and lemon juice mixed with hot water is quite effective against constipation. 

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4. Great scalp cleanser

Massaging the scalp with the combination of Ghee and lemon juice cleans the scalp and hair follicles, removes dandruff, and prevents hair loss. Just take ghee in a bowl, add a few drops of lemon juice and gently rub the mixture into your scalp. Wash your hair after leaving it on for 60 - 90 minutes.

5. Hair fall is reduced

ghee for hair

Mixing and applying of few drops of lemon juice with warm ghee to the scalp for some time, and then washing the hair after a few hours helps in minimizing hair fall. 

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6. Brightens the skin

While lemon juice can be too harsh on the skin, ghee mixed with it helps in reducing blemishes and improves the complexion. 

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7. Weight loss

The desi ghee mixed with lemon juice is an effective way to reduce weight. Consuming it with your dal enhances its taste even more, at the same time reducing weight. You can also drink a mixture of lemon and ghee with warm water in the morning.

Ghee has a satiating property that helps in curbing unnecessary food cravings. Following this routine regularly can control body weight. However, this alone won’t help you much. You also need to follow the correct diet and exercise regularly.

8. Acts against aging and Alzheimer's Disease

Ghee is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Lemon has many bioactive substances. The combination helps to retain youthfulness, prevents aging, and protects from Alzheimer's disease.

* Important Article *


Ghee and lemon have always been known for their medicinal properties. Combine them to get a host of health advantages. Make sure to use lemons that are fresh, yellow, and firm without overripe, pulpy, or scarred surfaces.

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