is ghee allowed in flight?

Is Ghee Allowed In Flight - Domestic & International?

Ghee are allowed on some domestic flights at certain conditions but most of the flight don't allow it. Various domestic flights like SpiceJet and Indigo do not allow ghee in their flights but some time Air India allow it, whereas international flights allow ghee if it is well stored and tightly packed. So before traveling ensure that you are following food-carrying guidelines. 

Is Ghee Allowed In Flight?

According to the latest data: Yes, Ghee is allowed in some domestic flights as well as International flight at certain terms and conditions like ghee is well sealed packed or not leaked. But also in some domestic & International flights ghee are not allowed.

    In this present discussion, we will try to find the official answer to these questions and some passengers' experience-based answers.

    Is Ghee Allowed In Domestic Flight? 

    Yes, Ghee is allowed in domestics flight at certain conditions like ghee have to be sealed packed, but first you have to talk to the air line companies to get approval. But most of Indian domestic flight company don't allow it.

    But there are also different opinions of different users. Some users say we are not allowed to carry ghee on domestic flights whereas some say we have carried ghee on flights as well. 

    What Does Air India Say About Carrying Ghee On Flights?

    According to Air India data from 2022, Ghee is allowed in checked-in handbags when ghee is fully sealed.

    Air India allow ghee in flight

    But according to Air India data from 2021, Ghee is neither allowed in handbags nor in checked-in.

    Actor Sumona Chakravarti once tweeted on Twitter about ghee with mentioning Air India.

    Air India about ghee

    What Does SpiceJet Say About Carrying Ghee On Flights? 

    According to SpiceJet's food-carrying rule, Ghee is neither allowed in a handbag nor in checked-in. 

    spice jet about ghee

    What Does Indigo Say About Carrying Ghee On Flights?

    According to IndiGo ghee is not allowed in the cabin but it is allowed in checked-in. You can check banned and allowed items on IndiGo flights here.

    Indigo about ghee


    Is Ghee Allowed In International Flight?

    Yes, ghee is allowed in International flight. After asking with a lots of users who can carry ghee on International flight, we found that you can carry ghee in International Flight.

    Is Ghee Allowed In International Flight to USA?

    You can check International flight food carry Instruction here. In Europe Countries and USA.

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    Final Word

    So after reading about different user experiences upon carrying ghee on domestic or international flights. You are allowed to carry ghee on Indian domestic flights at certain condition whereas you can carry ghee and other dairy products on international flights as per the food regulation of that destination country. 

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    Is Ghee allowed on domestic flights?

    Yes, ghee is allowed on domestic flights like Air India but some flight companies don't allow it.. Some flight companies such as SpiceJet, and IndiGo prohibit ghee on flights. 

    Is Ghee allowed on international flights?

    Most of the time Yes, most countries allowed ghee on their flight but certain conditions like Europe Union and USA 

    Is ghee a flammable liquid?

    It is not flammable. Ghee itself cannot catch fire. It doesn't burn like regular butter because all of the flammable milk solids have been removed. 

    Can I take ghee on flight SpiceJet?

    No. ghee is not allowed to carry ghee on SpiceJet flights.

    Can I take ghee on the IndiGo flight?

    In IndiGo, ghee is not allowed in the cabin but it is allowed in checked-in

    Can I take ghee on the Air India flight?

    Air India not allows ghee in handbags but allow in checked-in.

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