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Ghee For Pooja: Puja Ghee Price & Benefits (Puja Purpose Ghee)

Pure Ghee for Pooja 

Organic Ghee for Pooja

A2 Ghee Price 1kg

A2 Gir Cow Ghee Price 1kg

Pooja Ghee Price = ₹1,799 Pooja Ghee Price = ₹2,599
A2 Ghee Price 1kg A2 Gir Cow Ghee Price 1kg
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Why Pure Cow Ghee Is Considered Auspicious In Hinduism?

There is a mention of pure cow ghee in Bhagwat Gita, the Dharamsutra (an ancient law book) and in Rigveda in approximately 1500 B.C.E.

In Hindu mythology, since the ancient time, pure ghee is always made from Bovine (cow) milk, as cows are considered sacred. Such pure ghee is the requirement in Vedic Yajna and home for performing rituals, where oblations are offered for various deities through the medium of Agni (fire).

Who Invented Ghee?: A Short Story 

It is believed that Prajapati, lord of the creatures on earth, rubbed his hands together to create the first ghee, which he then put into flames to create his offspring. This is why, till today ghee is poured into sacred fires by Hindus, a practice considered auspicious for marriages, funerals and other ceremonies.

What Does Ghee Symbolize?

In Ayurvedic wisdom, family, home, religion, kitchens of India, and for people, pure cow ghee is considered sacred and celebrated symbol of auspiciousness, nourishment, and healing as well as very important healthy article for everyday use.

Why Is Pure Ghee Lamp Preferred Over Oil Lamp? 

Agni Purana clearly mentions to use pure cow ghee in the lamp for puja and no other combustible substance. Science of spirituality also says that pure cow ghee is more Sattvic, that is, “Spiritually Pure”.

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Difference Between Using Oil Lamp And Ghee Lamp for Puja

1. According To Spiritual View Point

Spirituality - Ghee For Pooja | Puja Ghee Price

From the spiritual experience viewpoint: we are used to appreciating this world through the medium of five sense organs, namely, eyes; nose; ears; tongue; skin, mind, and intellect. This is known as experience. But, when we experience something without the participation of all these, then it is a called spiritual experience.

Pure Cow Ghee Lamp

Oil Lamp

1. Pure ghee lamp has more capacity to attract Sattvic vibrations present in the surrounding atmosphere.

1. Oil lamp has less capacity to attract Sattvic vibrations present in the surrounding atmosphere.

2. Pure ghee lamp can attract Sattvic vibrations over till heaven, as pure cow ghee is considered the “Ghee of Gods”.

2. The oil lamp can attract the Sattvic vibrations over a maximum distance of one meter.

3.When the pure ghee lamp stops burning, the impact of Stavka (the quality of being Sattvic) in the atmosphere is experienced even after four hours. Pure ghee lamp creates divine consciousness (Chaitanya) in the atmosphere and it makes individual peaceful, stable and happy.

3. When the oil lamp stops burning, the predominance of “rajas” particles in the atmosphere and they last for half an hour.

4. Pure ghee lamp generates a subtle armour of superior quality around the worshipper.

4. The oil lamp creates a subtle armour of inferior quality around the worshipper.

5. Pure ghee lamp gives us the spiritual experience of ‘Tej Tattva’ or absolute fire element, where we see subtle light or vision of deity. A pure ghee lamp also gives us the spiritual experience of ‘Vayu Tattva’ or absolute air element, when we experience a feeling of touch without any external reason. 5. The oil lamp gives us spiritual experience of ‘Prithvi Tattva’, that is, absolute earth element and ‘Aap Tattva’ (water element).


2. According to the Kundalini Yoga View Point

According To the Yogic Path Of Kundalini Yoga: There Are Seven Main Chakras Or Energy Centres In The Human Being. These Chakras Practically Influences Every Aspect Of Human Being, Including The Physical Body, Mind, And Intellect.

Chakras - Ghee For Pooja | Puja Ghee Price

 Pure Cow Ghee Lamp

Oil Lamp

1. The subtle frequencies emanating from pure ghee activates soul energy of the worshipper. 1. The subtle frequencies emitted from oil lamp activates the mind energy (Mana shakti) of the worshipper.
2. The pure ghee lamp purifies “Manipur” and “Anahat” chakras to a significant extent. 2. The oil lamp is effective in purification of “Muladhar” and “Swadisthan” chakra only to certain extent.
3. The pure ghee lamp activates only that Nadi, which is essential to the worshipper in a particular action. 3. The oil lamp activates the Surya Nadi of the person.


According to the view point of the path for the flow of vital energy (chetna) called as ‘nadis’ or ‘channels’: the three main nadis are ‘chandra nadi’ (moon channel), ‘surya nadi’ (sun channel), and ‘sushumna nadi’. When the chandra nadi is active, person experiences coolness. The activation of surya nadi imparts energy to the person. The Sushumna Nadi is activated when the person starts progressing spiritually.  

Significance Of Pure Ghee Lit Lamp Over Glittery Bulbs:

Ghee Lit Lamp | Ghee For Pooja | Puja Ghee Price
  1. Our ancestors after profound experience and through attitudes of gratitude have always given priority to doing worship using ghee lamp to thank the almighty, who has given us everything.
  2. The light emitted from the electrical bulb blinds our eyes while the gentle flame of pure ghee lamp reminds us of Amar Jyoti or flame of soul. 
  1. The electrical bulb makes us extroverted and our mind runs towards external objects. The ghee lamp makes us look inward. 



We should remember to use pure ghee prepared only from the cow’s milk in the lamp lit in front of deity because in such ghee, deity’s principles are already existent. Such a ghee which is dominant in Satvik Tattva emits luminous figures, which are forms of Tej Tattva or absolute fire element.

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