Where can I buy A2 ghee?

Where can I buy A2 ghee?

I am very glad that you now want to buy A2 ghee. Looking at this question, I am feeling that you have come to know about A2 ghee, and know deeply about its benefits, because the person who knows about the benefits of A2 ghee, within him the curiosity to buy A2 ghee arises.

When curiosity arises, then the person wants to know about those places from where one can buy A2 Ghee. If you really want to buy A2 Ghee then I will definitely tell you places, where you can buy A2 Ghee.

Does A2 ghee available in general store?

Original A2 Ghee is still not easily available in India. If you are getting it easily and cheaply, then you should doubt it. A2 Ghee will not be available in the general stores found on your streets. It will not be available in any megastore or mall.

If you think that you will get A2 ghee at outside shops or at any dairy store, then you are wrong to think that, A2 ghee is not available even here. So where do you get A2 ghee?

Why is A2 ghee not found in street stores? 

A2 ghee is not available in outside shops because A2 ghee is not made everywhere. A2 Ghee is made in limited quantities, it is not available in abundance like normal ghee. Due to its high quality and limited quantity, its price is more than the price of normal ghee.

Common people do not take an interest in buying such expensive ghee because they choose cheap ordinary ghee, therefore shopkeepers do not keep A2 ghee at their shops. These people are compromising their health by choosing cheap ghee. So, the question still persists, where can I buy 2 ghee?

Finally, the best places you can buy A2 ghee

There are many brands in the market that sell A2 ghee. And these brands do not sell their A2 ghee at offline stores because of the reason I have mentioned above. They sell their ghee through online stores. 

Each brand sells its A2 Ghee through its own website, for example, India's most loved A2 Desi Ghee brand “Shahji Ghee” sells its A2 Ghee through shahjighee.com, Anveshan sells its A2 Ghee through Anveshan.farm and Two Brothers through twobrothersindiashop.com. 

Top 5 A2 ghee brands in India from where you can buy high-quality A2 ghee

Here, I am mentioning the top 5 A2 desi ghee brands in India which are trusted and loved by thousands of people. If you are willing to buy A2 desi ghee then you can rely on these loved A2 ghee brands. 

#1. Shahji A2 Desi Ghee 

Shahji ghee
  • Shahji A2 desi ghee is one of the oldest A2 desi ghee brands in India, since 1957. 
  • Famous for its high-quality, pure, and organic A2 ghee. 
  • Prepare their ghee from the milk of grass-fed cows/buffalo such as Gir, Sahiwal, and Murrah buffalo. 
  • Ghee made through the bilona method.
  • Made from churning natural Dahi (curd)
  • Prepared in small batches
  • Original taste like “Maa Ke Haath Ka Ghee
  • Free from additives and any kinds of chemicals, and pesticides.
You can buy Pure A2 Desi Ghee directly from our farm here -
sahiwal cow ghee
A2 Sahiwal Cow Ghee
gir cow ghee
A2 Gir Cow Ghee
learn more shahjighee
learn more

#2. Anveshan A2 Desi ghee

  • Ghee is made from indigenous breeds like Gir and Hallikar cows.
  • Prepared through the bilona process
  • Made in small batches 
  • Original flavor, taste, and color
  • Ghee is rich in nutrition and medicinal properties.

#3. GirOrganic A2 ghee

Gir Organic
  • Ghee is made from the milk of grass-feeding superior Gir cows.
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acids.
  • Made through the bilona method in small batches
  • Serve 100% natural, unprocessed, and unadulterated organic ghee.
  • Original flavor, taste, and color

#4. Two Brothers A2 ghee 

Two brothers Organic farm
  • Ghee made from indigenous cow milk such as Gir cow
  • Made from the milk of grass-fed cow
  • Use the bilona method, and prepared in small batches
  • Made from natural A2 yogurt
  • Do not contain any additives and artificial preservatives

#5. Kapiva A2 Desi Ghee

  • Ghee is made from the milk of grass-fed Gir cows.
  • Use the bilona method for ghee preparation
  • Ghee made from churning curd
  • Rich texture, color, and nutritional goodness.
  • Free from synthetic additives or preservatives 

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In conclusion, A2 ghee can be bought from the online store of A2 ghee brands. A2 ghee is rarely available in the offline market. So, if you want to buy high-quality A2 ghee then you have to visit their online website. Shahji A2 desi ghee, Anveshan, GirOrganic, Two Brothers, and Kapiva are the top 5 A2 ghee brands in India. Their A2 ghee is pure, Organic, and fresh ghee. You can rely on these brands for your better health.

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