why a2 ghee is expensive

Why A2 Ghee Is Expensive?

If you are going to buy ghee in the local market, then you will see lots of ghee brands. The prices of these ghee varies from brand to brand but prices rarely goes beyond 1000 because the mostly ghee you see in the market is normal ghee which is made from the milk of foreign cows. 

But some ghee is more expensive than normal ghee and this ghee is rarely available in the offline market, almost doesn't exist, and people salute this ghee from a distance because it is far away from there budget.

Often people think that we cannot afford expensive ghee, but What i feel! I do not think it is a matter of affordability, nothing is more important than health. If it is a matter of health then everything can be afforded.

Some people don't know why some things are expensive, some things are expensive not because the company owner intentionally increases their price, but they are expensive because it should be because of their quality and cost to make it.

So in this article, we will discuss why some ghee is expensive and why you should buy this ghee. So let's start

Which ghee is more expensive than normal market ghee?

So, some ghee is cheap and some ghee is expensive. Cheap is that ghee which is easily available anywhere, wherever you go you will get this ghee. The cost of this ghee is not much.

It is bad in terms of quality, often people fall ill after eating this type of ghee because it is adulterated ghee, So due to this adulteration and usage of low-quality milk in the production, it is cheap.

But there is one ghee that you will not find anywhere, you will not find it in any shop. This ghee is available in villages and at some online stores. We are talking about desi ghee which is made from the bilona technique. Desi ghee is also called A2 ghee and this ghee is more expensive than ordinary ghee. 

Its price is high not because it is not available everywhere, but because its quality is very high, and there is no adulteration. It is pure, organic, full of healthy fats, and essential vitamins, and loaded with lots of health benefits.

What is A2 ghee? 

Let's understand what is A2 Ghee. How is it different from ordinary ghee?

So what is A2 ghee? A2 ghee is a type of ghee that is prepared from the milk of a desi cow such as Gir, Sahiwal, Hallikar, etc. These desi cows are also called A2 cows because their milk contains a protein called A2 beta-casein protein.

So the cows that contain A2 beta-casein protein in their milk is A2 cow the milk is called A2 milk, and the ghee which is prepared from this milk is called A2 ghee. 

How A2 ghee is different from normal market ghee?

Let's understand this difference with the help of a table

A2 ghee

Normal market ghee

Made from desi cow like sahiwal, Gir, Hallikar, etc

Made from foreign cow milk like Jersey, Fresian, HF, etc. 

Normally made in villages

Made in cities in big factories.

From grass-fed cow

From grain-fed cow

Made from the Vedic Bilona method

Made from machines

No adulteration 

Preservative added for increasing shelf life

High quality, and contain essential vitamins, nutrients, and is loaded with tones of benefits 

Low quality and harmful to the body



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Why A2 ghee is expensive?

Now, let's discuss why A2 ghee is so expensive. Desi ghee is expensive because it is prepared totally from the milk of high-quality desi cows such as Gir, Sahiwal, Hallikar, etc. Desi cows do not give much milk. It only gives milk ranging from 12 to 15 liters per day, But foreign cows like Jersey, Fresian, HF, etc give more than 25 liters of milk per day. 

  • First reason: 1st reason for being expensive is the limited supply of A2 milk. On average 25 to 30 liters of A2 milk is required to make 1 litre of ghee. But our desi cow does not give this much volume of milk per day.
  • Second reason: 2nd reason is the price of A2 milk, the cost of A2 milk per litre is higher than the cost of foreign cow milk per litre due to its limited milk production
  • Third reason: 3rd reason is, the process of A2 ghee is laborious. It required a lot of physical work from grazing the cows to milking and taking care of them, from curdling to the churning curd, everywhere we had to do physical work to ensure the purity and quality of ghee.

Why A2 ghee is expensive in points

  • Made from high-quality desi cow milk
  • Production of A2 milk is very limited because desi cows do not give much milk
  • Cows are grass-fed, Grass-fed cow's milk is more nutritious
  • High cost of A2 milk
  • Making A2 ghee is laborious work, and needs more physical work
  • Use of hand-made bilona method


In conclusion, we can say A2 ghee is more expensive than other ghee present in the market in abundance. The main reason for A2 ghee being expensive is the limited production of A2 milk.

Due to its limited production, the cost of A2 milk is more than the normal cow milk of foreign breeds. The making of A2 ghee needs more physical work due to not indulgence of any machinery. 

A2 ghee is made with the bilona method, which needs a lot of hard work. So, A2 ghee is handmade. This makes A2 ghee pure, organic, and fresh. This ghee is full of healthy fats, vitamins, and medicinal properties. Therefore, A2 ghee is more expensive than normal market ghee. 

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is A2 ghee better than normal ghee?

Yes, A2 ghee is better than normal ghee. A2 ghee is more nutritious and contains more helpful vitamins than normal ghee. Consumption of A2 ghee is beneficial for the body in many ways, but consumption of normal ghee for a longer time may lead to various diseases. 

Which ghee is more expensive?

A2 ghee from A2 milk is more expensive. A2 ghee is made from high-quality A2 milk. A2 milk is costlier than A1 milk. This milk is obtained from the grass-fed cow and made using the Vedic bilona method. 

Why A2 milk is more expensive? `

A2 milk is more expensive because it is produced in a limited amount. It is produced from the desi cow (A2 cow). A2 milk is high-quality, pure, fresh, and full of essential vitamins, nutrients, and medicinal properties. 

Which form of ghee is purest?

A2 is considered the purest ghee in Indian cuisine. A2 ghee is beneficial for health for every age. A2 ghee is high-quality, pure, fresh, and full of essential vitamins, nutrients, and medicinal properties. 

Which ghee is pure according to Ayurveda? 

A2 ghee (also called desi ghee)  is considered pure according to the Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, A2 ghee is considered very sacred, and used in various Vedic rituals, and it is an important part of the Yajna and Homa (fire rituals). It is also used in religious worship. 

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