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Why Desi Ghee Costs More Than Regular Ghee: Deep Analysis

Most of you would be familiar with desi ghee, and you would also know how beneficial desi ghee is for our health. Seeing these health benefits, everyone wants to include desi ghee in their diet, but sometimes they stop, they stop themselves when they find out that desi ghee is a little bit expensive.

Desi ghee seems expensive to them but when they go to a restaurant and eat food, they do not find the bill worth thousands of rupees expensive, they happily pay the money. But when they come across desi ghee which is consumed in pure form, which is quite healthy for their health, It seems expensive to them.

Today we will analyze desi ghee and normal ghee for you, and tell you why desi ghee is different from normal ghee and why it is expensive than regular ghee. And why should you choose this? So, stay with us till the end of the analysis.

Desi Ghee and Types of Cows

There are two types of cows in our country, one is desi cows like Gir, Sahiwal, Hallikar, and Red Sindhi and other cows that are imported from abroad like Holstein, Friesian, and Ayrshire.

Desi Ghee and Types of Cows

Now ghee is also made from the milk of these two cows, the ghee which is made from the milk of Indian cows is desi ghee and the ghee which is made from the milk of foreign cows is normal ghee. If you look at the prices of ghee, the price of desi ghee is always higher than the price of normal ghee.

Then the question arises in my mind what is it about desi ghee due to which its price is higher than normal ghee, is desi ghee made in any special way? Is there something special in desi ghee that makes it expensive? Today we need to understand this a little.

So let us understand why this normal ghee is cheap and why this desi ghee is expensive.

Why normal ghee is cheaper than desi ghee?

There are some points through which we can understand why normal ghee is cheaper than desi ghee.

#1. Foreign cows give much more milk than desi cows

The first reason why normal ghee is cheap is that this ghee is made from the milk of cows which milk between 25-30 litres in a day. Now who are these cows who are giving milk between 25-30 litres in a day?

These are exotic cows, such as Friesian, Holstein, Ayrshire, or brown Swiss. These cows were imported into India during Operation Flood in 1970 so that the milk shortage in the country could be fulfilled. These are the cows in whose milk A1 protein is found. Which would not be good for our health. Due to giving more milk, the price of milk gets reduced which also helps in making ghee.

But the reason behind desi ghee being expensive is that desi ghee is made from desi milk, desi cows do not give milk in large quantities like foreign cows, they give milk in limited quantities, it is between 12 to 15 litres. Their milk contains A2 protein which is very good for our health. Due to the high quality of desi milk and low production, their prices are high, due to which the cost of making desi ghee is also high.

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#2. Regular ghee made from cream

The second reason for normal ghee being cheap is that normal ghee is made from cream and no bilona method is used to make it. It requires less labor and the chances of getting lost of important nutrients are also higher.

But desi ghee is not made from cream. It is made from curd. Desi milk is first converted into curd, then churned for about half an hour and more with the help of a wooden churner called bilona. Rotating bilona is a very labour-intensive process.

desi ghee made from bilona method

You can still see women churning curd in villages. After churning the curd, butter is extracted from it and then ghee is made by boiling the butter. Ghee made from curd has very little sourness due to fermentation and all the nutritional components remain preserved in it which improves the quality of ghee.

Due to these factors, desi ghee becomes expensive. If we summarize all the main factors that make desi ghee expensive, these are a few points.

  • First, Desi milk is produced in limited quantities. Desi cows give only between 12 to 15 litres of milk.
  • Secondly, this desi ghee is completely hand-made, and no machinery is used in the making of it.
  • The third point is that it is made by churning the curd, not from cream.
  • Fourthly, desi ghee is made from the milk of cows who are fed only grass, they are not given any kind of nutritional diet or injection of milk growth hormone.

You can buy normal ghee from anywhere, it is not very expensive and is easily available in the range of Rs 500 to Rs 700. But desi ghee is a little more expensive than normal ghee. You will not get this easily, it is very difficult to get it in cities, for this, you will have to either go to the village or get it from an authentic and trusted online store that sells village hand-made desi ghee online.

Due to these reasons, desi ghee has always been an expensive product in India. People used to check their budget before buying it. Even if you ask a person whether he wants to eat regular ghee or desi ghee, his first choice is still desi ghee, because they know that this normal ghee will always remain normal compared to village desi ghee.

Cost analysis of 1-litre (Desi/Regular) ghee

Till now, the factors we have told you, from that you have got an idea why desi ghee is expensive? But what is the mathematics of being desi ghee expensive? You should also understand this a little. In one litre of milk, there is approximately 3.5% fat by weight. The weight of 1 litre of milk is about 1032 g. So if we calculate, we get approximately 36 grams of fat in 1 liof ter milk. And we know that ghee is 100% pure fat.

There is approximately 910 grams of ghee in 1-litre ghee. If 1 liter of milk contains 36 grams of fat and if we want to make 910 grams of fat then how much milk will we need if we want to make 1 liter of ghee? To find out the quantity of milk, you can simply divide 910 grams by 36 grams, after dividing the quantity of milk we get is 25 liters. Meaning, we will need 25 liters to make 1 liter or (910 grams) of ghee.

Now, 25 liter of milk will come from where now milk will come from the cows. We have some foreign imported cows which give between 25 to 30 liters of milk at a time. We have talked about this above. And our desi cows give milk only between 12 to 15 liters.

The ghee is made from the milk of foreign cows, producing 25 litres of milk at a time. Their ghee is cheaper because milk is already available in sufficient quantities and it takes less time to make it. But desi cows give 12 to 15 liters of milk in a day, it takes more time for them to make ghee, because they have to wait for at least 2 days to get 25 liters of milk. Normal ghee is made from cream by using machines but desi ghee is made by churning the curd using a wooden churner called bilona.

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After making ghee from cream, the milk left over is also sold at a price equal to the cost price of milk, and in this way, ghee manufacturers spend only 50% of the cost of making ghee, because 50% of the milk cost is recovered by selling the remaining milk.

But when desi ghee is made from curd, no separated milk is left, whatever is left is used by the farmers and the leftover is so-called chhachh, and this leftover chhachh is sometimes sold at very cheap prices. And because of all these factors, Desi milk which contains A2 protein, which is made by churning curd, is priced higher than normal ghee.

Why should you choose desi ghee?

So now you have to understand why desi ghee is more expensive than normal ghee and also understand the cost structure of both. Now you understand why you want to include desi ghee in your diet. You want to include Desi ghee in your food because.

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  • Desi milk is used to make desi ghee and the quality of ghee made from desi milk is very good because A2 protein is found in it, which is very beneficial for our health.
  • Desi ghee is made using the bilona method, all the nutrients and vitamins are preserved in the ghee made using the bilona method, and nothing is lost.
  • It has antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties which protect you from diseases.
  • Desi ghee is full of healthy fats, vitamins and many other health benefits. Desi ghee helps you stay healthy in every way.
  • To extend the shelf life of Desi Ghee, no preservatives or chemicals of any kind are added. Desi ghee is free from all kinds of chemicals, and its shelf life is generally good. The aroma, flavour, and taste of Desi ghee are at their best level. And being chemical-free does not harm your health.


So that's all for today…Hopefully today you will have understood our short analysis and now you will probably understand why desi ghee has always been an expensive thing, and one more thing if you are getting desi ghee at a low price. This is not the time to buy ghee, you have to sit back and think for a moment because the person may try to sell you normal ghee in the name of desi ghee. You need to be careful here. You should always choose the right one and include it in your diet.

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