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Shahji Pure Desi Buffalo Ghee (Murrah Buffalo)

Shahji Pure Desi Buffalo Ghee (Murrah Buffalo)

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Shahji Murrah Buffalo Desi Ghee Features

Fresh Pure A2 Buffalo Ghee

✔️ Shahji Premium Desi Buffalo Ghee is produced using the milk of domestic water buffaloes of the Murrah breed, which originated in India. It is the most disease-resistant breed of buffalo in India.

A teaspoon of curd is added to boiled and cooled buffalo milk before it is let to sit at room temperature for the night. The next step is to churn the curd to remove the butter. This butter is referred to as Noni, and the ghee derived from it is known as Noni Ghee.

100% Ayurvedic Bilona Method

✔️ We make our buffalo desi ghee by hand-churning it according to a 3000-year-old Vedic tradition known as the Bilona Method. Raw, unprocessed cow milk is boiled in a clay pot, where it is then turned into curd. In order to preserve the nutrients, the curd is also hand-churned from the cooked milk. Separating the butter from the ghee is the last stage.

Nutritious & Benefits

✔️ Ghee, an Ayurvedic elixir and superfood from India, is a wonderful illustration of how ancient fats may adapt to modern living needs. An excellent source of omega-3 and omega-9, which are both natural immunity boosters and highly stable for use in cooking.

Nutritional Information
Energy - 897.3g
Carbohydrate - 0g
Fat - 99.5g
Saturated Fat - 61.9g
Monosaturated - 28.7g
Polyunsaturated - 3.7g
Proteins - 0.04g
Vitamin A - 50%
Vitamin E -15.7mg

Tasty & Rich Aroma

✔️ Our desi ghee tastes fantastic and has a wonderful aroma. Traditional ghee is recognised to treat a variety of health issues.

Shahji Buffalo Ghee contains naturally occurring vitamin A, which is said to strengthen immunity. In addition to vitamins A, E, D, and K, it also has antioxidants. balances the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas in the body.

Shipping Details

✔️ It takes approximately 1-2 days for orders placed within Delhi-NCR. For the rest of India, it takes 4-5 days to deliver your orders.

✔️ International orders take 13-14 days to reach you. If your order takes longer than usual, kindly contact our customer care. Also, due to COVID-19, we might not be able to deliver in containment zones.

  • 1. Our Murrah Buffalo

  • 2. Buffalo Milking

  • 3. Slowly Heating Milk

  • 4. Curd Setting

  • 5. Vedic Bilona Method

  • 6. Butter Heating

  • 7. Shahji Buffalo Ghee

  • 8. Lab Tasted

Watch Video: How Shahji Makes Buffalo Ghee?


    Experience superior quality desi ghee made from high quality milk sourced from the Murrah Buffalo (premium breed of Haryana).The desi ghee is white to off-white in appearance, has a granular structure and is truly a gastronomic delight! desi Buffalo ghee has more protein, fat, and lactose.


    Desi Buffalo Ghee has a unique aroma and taste because of its high-quality butter used in the making. is enriched with fat soluble vitamins and good amount of calories that will keep your body energized. It also contains Vitamin E & antioxidants that are essential nutrients for us.


    The traditional method of making desi ghee (bilona) is quite elaborate. Buffalo's milk is boiled and cooled. Then a spoonful of curd is added to this milk and kept at room temperature overnight. The curd is then churned to extract butter from it and then boil it to get Desi Ghee (NONI).

Key Features of Shahji Premium Buffalo Ghee 

Murrah Breed Buffalo

Murrah Breed Buffalo Ghee: Our buffalo ghee is made with 100% organic acquired from grass-fed murrah buffalos. It is a breed of water buffalo mainly kept for milk production and originates in Haryana state and some districts of Punjab and West UP of India.2. Murrah buffaloes can able to adopt any kind of climatic in India and are more disease resistant when compared to crossbred cows.

Qualities of Buffalo: A Murrah buffalo milk yield usually ranges from 10 liters per day to 16 liters per day. 4. Buffaloes are more effective at converting beta-carotene — an antioxidant with a distinctive yellow color — into vitamin A, their milk is whiter than cow’s milk.    

Ghee made from Vedic Bilona Process

Traditional Bilona ProcessThe traditional method of making desi ghee (bilona) is quite elaborate. Cow’s milk is boiled and cooled. Then a spoonful of curd is added to this milk and kept at room temperature overnight. The curd is then churned to extract butter from it. This butter is then boiled so that the water evaporates leaving behind pure desi ghee.

Significance of Vedic MethodThe churning process is executed by using wooden churners (bilona). For the heating process, cow dung is the most beneficial fuel. Bilona is either hand-churned or churned via a motor. As a result, this desi ghee retains more vitamins and nutrients owing to its low-heat preparation.

Buffalo Ghee Vs Cow Ghee

Difference Between Buffalo Ghee & Cow Ghee1. Buffalo Ghee has a higher fat, protein, lactose, vitamin, & mineral content than Cow’s Ghee.2. Buffalo Ghee is amazing for maintaining healthy bones, gaining weight (because of additional calories), enhancing cardiovascular muscle activity whereas Cow Ghee is good for losing weight (fewer calories), reducing obesity in children and adults.Additional Advantages3. Buffalo Ghee can be preserved for longer time due to the more fat contained in it as compared to Cow Ghee. 4. Buffalo Ghee is white whereas Cow Ghee is yellowish cream in color. 

  • Retains Bone Strength

    The Vitamin A in Buffalo Ghee is crucial for bones, while Vitamin D is vital for calcium and phosphorus absorption as well as bone development. Similarly, Vitamin K present in Buffalo Ghee also helps to absorb calcium and is important for bone and teeth.

  • Strengthens The Body

    If you consume pure home-made desi ghee on a regular basis, it will boost your mental as well as physical strength. This will help in keeping your body fit and fighting off illnesses. Besides this, desi ghee is also known as a body cleanser as it removes impurities from your body.

  • Good For Growing Kids

    Food full of nutrients and vitamins is essential for baby's growth in the initial years. Buffalo Ghee is one wonder nutrient that has a remarkable spectrum of health benefits. Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A, ghee also helps in a child's brain development & weight gain.

FAQ About Buffalo Ghee

How do I identify buffalo ghee from cow ghee?

One of the factors that differentiate between these two ghee is its color. The color of cow ghee is yellow in color whereas that of buffalo is white in color.

Which breed are you using for making buffalo ghee?

100% Desi indigenous breed ( Murrah buffalo) A2 milk, which is rich in the A2 protein in all buffalo. All-natural, grass-fed A2 Desi Ghee is made from the indigenous buffalo milk of grass-fed, pasture-grazing happy, healthy buffalo. Our buffalo are raised on pesticide-free and herbicide-free pasture.

How do you make desi buffalo ghee?

Ghee is made by simmering butter over low heat and removing the milk solids as they form. The result is a delicious, creamy spread great for baking, sauteing and frying. A rich source of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, Ghee has a rich nutrient profile and contains no hydrogenated oil.

What are the benefits of desi buffalo ghee?

1.It can reduce dark circles and chapped lips.
2.It aids in the treatment of burns and swells.
3.Ghee boosts your immunity.
4.Buffalo ghee can relieve gastritis.
5.It can reduce dark circles and chapped lips.

Is buffalo ghee good for health? 

Buffalo ghee has antioxidants which help in boosting immunity. It improves the human body's ability to absorb minerals and nutrients, thereby helping against viruses and bacteria. In the age of coronavirus, buffalo ghee is then a great addition to everyone's diet.  

Is it safe to give buffalo ghee to Babies?

Yes, you can give any ghee desi ghee but mix with dal, khichdi,roti etc. Avoid giving alone to prevent bloating.

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