There was a time when Ghee was cool. Our Moms and Dadis used to put a dollop on our Paranthas, or make mouth-watering Gajar ka Halwa and Ladoos at home. The Ghee they made was pure and healthy, we in turn were healthy and strong. Somewhere in the midst, we lost Purity and Truthfulness and we started to eat Refined Oils/Adulterated Ghee and Unhealthy Food. Shahji Ghee brings a promise to its customers to serve #Maa Ke Haath ka Ghee and make desi ghee Cool again.
Desi Ghee | A2 Ghee | Pure Cow Ghee | A2 Cow Ghee

Shahji A2 Desi Ghee: A Superfood

If you have memories of your grandma’s kitchen, there is a peculiar smell you would never forget that is of desi ghee making. Made from cream, malai of milk or curd, the process involved white butter being collected over days. When the sufficient amount was collected, it used to be then converted into ghee via slow heating the butter till it turned into that beautiful golden liquid – free of milk solids and fats.

Ghee, today, is riding the food trends.Labelled as a superfood, ghee is now moving beyond the borders and finding its way in kitchens worldwide. What our mothers and grandmothers have been chanting for centuries is now being chanted by food bloggers, dieticians, and fitness freaks. We now have celebrities endorsing the consumption of A2 desi ghee in our daily diet.

Shahji A2 Desi Ghee Unmatched Quality

Single Origin
Milk sourced from a Single Origin Breed. Sahiwal A2 Desi Cow , Gir A2 Desi Cow, Jersey Cow, Murrah Buffalo.

Made with Bilona
Desi Ghee Made using traditional bilona method by extracting butter from curd. 
#Maa Ke Haath Ka Ghee.

Preservative Free
Shahji Ghee is 100% Preservative free and natural. It is made hygienically through a man-made process.

Farm Fresh
Shahji Ghee is made at our Farm spread across acres of greenery with cows fed the best of fodder.
Desi Ghee | A2 Ghee | Pure Cow Ghee | A2 Cow Ghee

Pure A2 Desi Ghee & Desi Ghee Price

Choose the Pure Ghee that suits your taste and lifestyle, and make everyday cooking a joyful experience. Bring #Maa Ke Haath Ka Ghee to your Home today. Here are the pure desi ghee price.


15 days, 3:59:12

One Spoonful A2 Ghee a Day keeps your Doctor away! Health Benefits of A2 Desi Ghee

Desi Ghee | A2 Ghee | Pure Cow Ghee | A2 Cow Ghee

Boosts Immunity

Shahji Ghee is a rich source of Butyric acid which is helpful in the production of T-cells that fight against diseases and infections for you.
Desi Ghee | A2 Ghee | Pure Cow Ghee | A2 Cow Ghee

Improves Digestion

Shahji Ghee helps in the faster digestion and absorption of food. It helps in acid secretion in the stomach that helps in digestion of food.
Desi Ghee | A2 Ghee | Pure Cow Ghee | A2 Cow Ghee

Strengthens Bones

Shahji Ghee is a rich source of vitamin K2 which helps in the absorption of calcium, ultimately leading to stronger bones.


Make 'Shahji Ghee' part of your life and make every dish healthy and flavouful. The rich aroma and taste is unbeatable. Keeps the heart healthy too.

We love our Customers! Customers love our A2 Desi Ghee.


I was recommended shahji ghee by a friend. After trying so many a2 desi ghee available in the market and none to my health preferences, this definitely was a delight. No preservatives and a great taste.
Dr. Priyanka Gupta


I am myself using shahji ghee at home and it genuinely is the pure ghee. No artificial flavours and fragrances are used to enhance the quality of this ghee. I will definitely recommend it to my patients and continue using it for my family.
Dr. Garvita Kohli


I love the aroma and taste of a2 desi ghee from Shahji. After trying many in the market I could finally settle for one which is perfect for my family and tastes great too. Keep up the good work Shahji Ghee!. Reminds me of Ghee made by my Mom!
Sonia Anand Bhatia

FAQ About Our A2 Desi Ghee

  1. What is A2 Desi Ghee?
    A2 Desi Ghee is the premium quality form of Ghee which is made from Desi Cow Milk using traditional Bilona method – a hand churning method where cow milk is curdled in clay pots and the curd is then hand churned to obtain makhan or butter, butter is then heated at a certain temperature to get the purest form.
  2. What are Benefits of comsuming A2 Desi Ghee?
    A2 Desi Ghee helps in :- 1. Helps In Digestion 2. Good For Heart 3. Improves Skin Glow 4. Lubricate Joints 5. Strengthens Immunity 6. Has Antiaging Properties 7. Improves Brain Health 8. Maintains Healthy Vision.
  3. What are the cows that produce the milk for Shahji Ghee fed? 
    Our A2 Ghee is made from desi cows like Sahiwal Cow, Gir Cow are fed with the most nourishing fodder, grass, herbs and liquids that are good for their health.
  4. How to Check Purity of A2 Desi Ghee?
    Method 1: Put the Ghee on your palm Place spoonful ghee on your palm. If the ghee starts to melt itself, it is pure since pure ghee melts at body temperature. Method 2: Check the Colour of Ghee Heat a spoonful of ghee and if it melts within a few seconds and appears dark brownish in colour, it is pure ghee. If it takes long to melt and is light yellow in colour, it is impure.
  5. How is Shahji Ghee different from other brands of A2 desi ghee? 
    Shahji Ghee is an outcome of a lot of research and development to ensure that the most healthy and nutritious ghee reaches our customers. Our A2 ghee is produced distinctly from the traditional BILONA technique, completely hand churned in earthen pots, untouched by machine and chemical free. It is A2 ghee in it's most authentic form.
  6. Is Shahji Ghee Organic? 
    Yes, our A2 Cow Ghee is completely organic. No chemicals or machines are involved in the process. 
  7. Does A2 Ghee help in reducing cholesterol?
    Yes, Scientific research indicates that several types of fats, like a2 desi ghee, have a complex effect on human health. 
    A2 Ghee is a saturated fat which can help reduce cholesterol if it makes up less than 10 percent of the diet. It can reduce cholesterol by accelerating secretion of biliary lipids.
    Saturated fats might be deemed bad but are necessary, as they help strengthen immunity and keep viral infections at bay.  
  8. Where can we buy a Shahji Ghee jar? 
    You can easily buy Shahji Ghee from our shop. If you're looking to place a bulk order, please directly contact us on +919899968048.
    Your jar of health and happiness can also be bought from Amazon, Flipkart, Tata cliq Luxury, Sheco and Big Basket.  
  9. How long does shipping take, and how much will it cost me?
    It takes approximately 1-2 days for orders placed within Delhi-NCR. For the rest of India, it takes 4-5 days to deliver your orders. International orders take 13-14 days to reach you. If your order takes longer than usual, kindly contact our customer care. Also, due to COVID-19, we might not be able to deliver in containment zones.
  10. Is it possible to sample Shahji Ghee? 
    Yes, we do have a Try & Buy pack (500g jar) available for all the variants which you can purchase. We're sure to you'll love it. To place your order, visit our shop page.  
  11. Can a bulk order for Ghee be placed? 
    Yes, a bulk A2 desi ghee order can be placed at +919899968048. Discounts are also available on bulk orders of 5 litres and above..
  12. What are the product certifications? 
    Shahji Desi Ghee is a FSSAI certified product.    
  13. Is it available for delivery everywhere in India? 
    Yes, we deliver ghee PAN-India. You can order your jar of happiness & health and it will be delivered to your home.  
  14. Can A2 desi ghee consumed by childerns and olders.
    Yes, A2 ghee can be consumed by childerns and olders because it helps in Improves Skin Glow, Strengthens Immunity, Improves Brain Health 8. Maintains Healthy Vision.
  15. Why A2 Desi Ghee healthier than Normal Ghee?
    A2 Milk Protein is Superior to A1 - Milk has beta-casein proteins. A1 and A2 are the two variants of beta-casein found in milk. Cows that are not genetically mutated or the desi cows produce A2 beta-casein. Cows that have been mutated to produce more milk volumes produce both A1 and A2 beta-casein. A2 milk protein is much healthier than A1 for us.
  16. Is there any added preservatives in this ghee?
    No, there is not any preservative added in this ghee.
  17. Is A2 ghee good for hormones?
    Vitamins E, D, K2, and A are abundant in ghee or clarified butter and are crucial for hormone production. As a result, they support the body's ability to keep its hormones in balance.
  18. Does A2 Ghee help you sleep? 
    Numerous health advantages of ghee have been documented. Ghee application, according to Doctor, "allows the vata to settle and minimises gas and bloating" when it comes to sleep. The dietician continued, "This also lessens acidity and enhances sleep.
  19. How much A2 Ghee can I eat per day? 
    3-6 tsp Therefore, it is advised to consume 3-6 teaspoons of ghee daily for optimal health and weight. Make sure the ghee you purchase is made from cow milk, ideally at home.
  20. Should you refrigerate A2 ghee? 
    Ghee Has Exceptional Shelf Stability Make sure your jar of ghee is free of water and steam, and keep it away from the steaming burner if you want your ghee shelf to stay firm. Refrigerate your ghee if it becomes contaminated with water or food; it will be safe to use later.
  21. Does A2 ghee lubricate joints? 
    Ghee is a superfood that eases joint stiffness brought on by arthritis, lubricates joints, and soothes inflammation.

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