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We have Large Organic Farms

We have a large Organic Farm where A2 cows like Gir Cow and Sahiwal Cow eat natural grass and we follow best practices to get Pure & natural A2 Cow milk which is used to make unadulterated and pure A2 Ghee.

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Shahji Ghee is made from Pure A2 Cow Milk

A2 Cows is the Superior Cow Breed in India. Our A2 Ghee is nutritious, healthy, pure, and unadulterated ghee.

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Made With Vedic Bilona Process

Bilona method owes its name to the wooden beater i.e.,“Bilona”which has been used since ancient times for churning out butter from the curd. You may be having a smaller version at your home

The old method gives the real desi ghee (according to Ayurveda), which is much superior to normally processed ghee in taste, aroma, and nutrition. All Shahji Desi ghee is produced using the Vedic bilona method. 

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  • 1. Shahji A2 Desi Cow

  • 2. Cruelty-Free Milking

  • 3. Slow-Heating Milk

  • 4. Curd Setting

  • 5. Vedic Bilona Method

  • 6. Butter Heating

  • 7. Ghee Pouring

  • 8. Ghee Testing

How We are Making Pure A2 Desi Ghee?

Finally! We Get 100% Pure A2 Desi Ghee

A2 Cow Ghee is yellow in colour due to presence of β – carotene. Our body converts β – carotene to Vitamin A (retinol).

Grainy texture that shows that the Ghee is made using low heat process to retain its nutrients and texture.

Contains amino acids which makes it easier to digest and is way more nutritious.

A2 cow ghee is a rich source of vitamin A, unadulterated antioxidants, premium quality protein and micronutrients that aids in building immunity.

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  • Helps In Digestion

    A2 Ghee has Butyric Acid, Butyric acid is important for intestines and colon cells. Ghee helps in improving digestive health and preventing colon cancer. 

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  • Strengthens Immunity

    Shahji Gir Cow Ghee contains the great amount of nutrition. Its Ayurvedic properties help in fighting various diseases and enhancing our immunity.

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  • Maintains Healthy Vision

    Shahji Gir CowGhee is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that help maintain eye health by treating visionary and eyesight problems.

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  • Improves Skin Glow

    A2 Ghee contains vitamin A, E, and D, in precise quantity: these three skin friendly vitamins and antioxidants help in maintaining skin elasticity.

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  • Good For Heart

    Vitamin K2 in A2 Ghee protects against blockages which may be caused by calcium deposits in arteries and thus helps in proper blood flow.

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  • Strengthen Bones & Joints

    A2 Ghee is the food you need if you have joint pain, arthritis. It helps in soothing inflammation, lubricates joints and reduces joint stiffness caused by arthritis.

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A2 Cow Vs Normal Cow

A1 milk is obtained from cows of Western origin like Holstein, Friesian, Jersey etc. and yields large quantities of milk. A2 milk, on the other hand, is obtained from cows of Indian origin like Gir, Sahiwal etc. 

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FAQ About Shahji A2 Desi Ghee

What is A2 Desi Ghee?

A2 Desi Ghee is the highest grade kind of ghee created from Desi cow milk using the traditional Bilona method, which involves manually churning the curd to create makhan or butter, which is then cooked to produce the purest form. Cow milk is first curdled in clay pots.

Benefits of comsuming A2 Desi Ghee?

A2 Desi Ghee benefits include: improved digestion, heart health, and skin glow. 4. Lubricates joints; 5. Boosts immunity; 6. Is Anti-Aging 7. Enhances Mental Health 8. Keeps the Eyes Healthy.

What Shahji A2 Cow fed?

Our A2 Ghee is prepared from desi cows, such as Sahiwal and Gir cows, who are fed the healthiest green grass and herbs.

What Makes Shahji A2 Ghee Special than other Brands?

Shahji Ghee is an outcome of a lot of research and development to ensure that the most healthy and nutritious ghee reaches our customers. Our A2 ghee is produced distinctly from the traditional BILONA technique, completely hand churned in earthen pots, untouched by machine and chemical free. It is A2 ghee in it's most authentic form.

How to Check Purity of A2 Desi Ghee?

Method 1: Put the Ghee on your palm Place spoonful ghee on your palm. If the ghee starts to melt itself, it is pure since pure ghee melts at body temperature.

Method 2: Check the Colour of Ghee Heat a spoonful of ghee and if it melts within a few seconds and appears dark brownish in colour, it is pure ghee. If it takes long to melt and is light yellow in colour, it is impure.

Is Shahji A2 Desi Ghee Organic?

Yes, our A2 Cow Ghee is completely organic. No chemicals or machines are involved in the process. 

Is it possible to sample Shahji Ghee?

Yes, we do have a Try & Buy pack (500g jar) available for all the variants which you can purchase. We're sure to you'll love it. To place your order, visit our shop page.

Where can we buy a Shahji Ghee jar?

You can easily buy Shahji Ghee from our shop. If you're looking to place a bulk order, please directly contact us on +919899968048.Your jar of health and happiness can also be bought from Amazon, Flipkart, Tata cliq Luxury, Sheco and Big Basket.  

Can a bulk order for Ghee be placed?

Yes, a bulk A2 desi ghee order can be placed at +919899968048. Discounts are also available on bulk orders of 5 litres and above..

Is Shahji Ghee have any Food Certificate?

Shahji Desi Ghee is a FSSAI certified product.( Food Safety and Standards Authority of India )

How long does shipping take, and how much will it cost me?

It takes approximately 1-2 days for orders placed within Delhi-NCR. For the rest of India, it takes 4-5 days to deliver your orders. International orders take 13-14 days to reach you. If your order takes longer than usual, kindly contact our customer care. Also, due to COVID-19, we might not be able to deliver in containment zones.

Is delivery available everywhere in India?

Yes, we deliver ghee PAN-India. You can order your jar of happiness & health and it will be delivered to your home.

Is there any added preservatives in this ghee?

No, there is not any preservative added in this ghee.

Why Shahji A2 Desi Ghee healthier than Normal Ghee?

A2 Milk Protein is Superior to A1 - Milk has beta-casein proteins. A1 and A2 are the two variants of beta-casein found in milk. Cows that are not genetically mutated or the desi cows produce A2 beta-casein. Cows that have been mutated to produce more milk volumes produce both A1 and A2 beta-casein. A2 milk protein is much healthier than A1 for us.

How much A2 Ghee can I eat per day?

3-6 tsp Therefore, it is advised to consume 3-6 teaspoons of ghee daily for optimal health and weight. Make sure the ghee you purchase is made from cow milk, ideally at home.

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