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Strengthen Body

Retain Bone Strength

Good For Body Growth

Shahji A2 Buffalo Ghee is pure and healthy desi ghee made from the milk of high-quality Murrah Buffalo. We have more than 90 Murrah buffalo that graze freely on open pastures and select their fodder on their own. Our Buffalo ghee is made by churning the curd from the old-aged bilona method in small batches. Ghee made from the bilona method is considered pure and sacred and contains all the essential nutrients and Vitamins. 

Benefits of Buffalo ghee 

  • Buffalo ghee aids in weight gain.
  • Ghee contains a lot of antioxidants, which help the body absorb vitamins and minerals. 
  • Because buffalo ghee contains 100% fat, it can be stored for a longer period of time than cow ghee.
  • Buffalo ghee is high in calcium and also high in minerals like magnesium and phosphorus.
  • When it comes to health benefits, consuming buffalo ghee can help you have fewer cholesterol problems.
  • Buffalo ghee is beneficial for weight loss, bone health, and the prevention of childhood obesity.
  • It gives you the power to absorb vitamins and minerals quickly – making you stronger.
  • According to claims of ancient Ayurveda, buffalo ghee can help you cure gastritis and other ulcers. The next time you have an ulcer or a burning sensation in your stomach, try ingesting a tablespoon of pure buffalo ghee.

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      • Product Details
      • Making Process
      Ghee Type

      A2 Buffalo Ghee


      Murrah buffalo milk


      Improve digestion, Boost immunity, Provide healthy fats

      Making method

      Made with bilona method


      Made from curd

      Lab Certificates

      Nutritional value per 100gms

      Energy                    -     897.3

      Carbohydrate          -     0g

      Fat                           -     99.5 g

      Saturated Fat          -     61.9 g

      Monosaturated        -     28.7 g

      Polyunsaturated      -     3.7 g

      Protein                     -     0.04 g

      Vitamin A                 -     3069 IU

      Vitamin E                 -     15.7 Mg

      Cholesterol              -     256 Mg  

      Vedic Process Of Making Shahji Buffalo Ghee


      Buffalo Ghee Health Benefits

      01. Retains Bone Strength

      Buffalo Ghee contains essential Vitamins such as Vitamin A which is important for building strong and healthy bones.

      02. Healthy Energy Source

      Buffalo ghee is a concentrated source of energy due to its high fat content. This is best for those who require high energy levels, such as athletes

      03. Good For Growing Kids

      Buffalo ghee is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which help in the development of brain, and improve focus and clarity. 

      04. Improve Digestive Health

      Buffalo ghee stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and helps improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

      Why Choose Shahji Buffalo Ghee?

      01. Murrah Buffalo’s Milk

      We prepare our buffalo ghee from high-quality milk of Murrah buffalo. It is a premium buffalo breed found in different districts of Haryana such as Jind, Hisar, Rohtak, and Gurugram.

      02. Bilona Method

      We use ancient Bilona method to prepare our buffalo ghee. It is very effective and sattvic way of making ghee that retains all the important vitamins and nutrients.

      03. Carefully Handmade

      We do not use machineries to make our ghee. Our ghee is fully hand crafted with lots of hard-work with mother's love.

      04. Made In Small Batches

      We prepare our ghee in small batches for better quality controls. Because it easier for us to maintain the purity, flavour, and texture.

      Hear From Our Loving Customers

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Which breed are you using for making buffalo ghee?

      We use Murrah buffalo breed to make our ghee.

      How do you make desi buffalo ghee?

      There are some steps in our ghee-making. After milking, we convert it into the curd. Then, we churn it with a wooden churner called Bilona to extract the butter. At final, we simmer butter over low heat to remove the milk solids and water content. After removing all water and milk solids, the left behind is pure ghee.

      What are the benefits of buffalo ghee?

      Some benefits of buffalo ghee are: 

      1. Reduce dark circles and chapped lips.

      2. Aids treatment in burns and swells.

      3. Boosts your immunity.

      4. Relieve gastritis.

      Is buffalo ghee good for health? 

      Yes, buffalo is good for health. Buffalo ghee is 100% pure fat and contain antioxidants which help in boosting immunity. It improves the human body's ability to absorb minerals and nutrients, thereby helping against viruses and bacteria. 

      Is it safe to give buffalo ghee to Babies?

      Please consult your healthcare expert before incorporating ghee to your baby health diet.

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