13+ Best Ghee In India [2023-2024]

13+ Best High-Quality Desi Ghee Brands In India [2024]

Whenever it comes to buying A2 ghee, people start asking which is the best ghee in India. Which A2 ghee is best to buy? Which A2 ghee is best for us and for our family and similarly other questions.

First of all, why do these questions arise? These questions are arising because there are so many confusion and doubts in their mind, and these confusion and doubts are in their mind because there are lots of ghee brands in India and the interesting thing is that all these brands claim that their ghee is the best, and these claims stop us in choosing the best one. 

In this article, we have collected the 13+ best high-quality desi ghee brands in India in 2024 after lots of research. Which helps you to choose the best A2 ghee as per your requirement.

13+ Best Ghee Brands In India in 2024

#1. Shahji Pure A2 Desi Ghee

Best ghee in India

Shahji Desi Ghee is one the oldest A2 ghee brands in India that has been serving their love in the form of A2 ghee since 1957. They are famous for their pure, organic, and incredible taste and aroma.

Features of Shahji Desi Ghee:

  • Ghee Made from the milk of powerful indigenous cow breeds like Sahiwal and Gir.
  • Made with the Vedic bilona method.
  • Made from churning natural Dahi (curd)
  • Ghee made in Brahmamuhurta in small batches
  • Rich in the best nutrients, including vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  • Rich, nutty flavor and aroma that enhances the taste of dishes
  • Have Ayurvedic benefits like good digestion and helps in overall well-being.


  • Made by Bilona method
  • Fully hand-made ghee
  • Made from curd
  • Ghee is fully loaded with healthy vitamins and nutrients.
  • Amazing discount and freebies.
You can buy Pure A2 Desi Ghee directly from our farm here -
sahiwal cow ghee
A2 Sahiwal Cow Ghee
gir cow ghee
A2 Gir Cow Ghee
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#2. Barosi A2 Desi Cow Ghee

Barosi - Best ghee in india  

Barosi is an authentic food brand that connects Bharat to India through its products and thoughts. Their ghee is pure, and organic made through the bilona method.

Features of Barosi A2 ghee:

  • Ghee made from the milk of Sahiwal and Rathi cow’s milk. 
  • Made using the bilona method to insure the purity of ghee.
  • Made by churning the butter
  • Non-GMO modified cow 
  • 100% chemical and preservative free
  • Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids and other essential good fats


  • Made through the bilona method
  • Pure and unadulterated ghee
  • Made through an extremely slow cooking process

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    #3. Anveshan A2 Ghee 

    Anveshan - Best ghee in India

    Anveshan is a community of farmer families (Anveshan village micro-entrepreneurs) spread across India. They have set up micro food processing units near the farms. They make food products that are natural, healthy and chemical-free.

    Features of Anveshan A2 ghee

    • Anveshan Ghee is crafted from the finest indigenous Gir and Hallikar cows.
    • Made using the Bilona method
    • Packed with healthy vitamins, and minerals.
    • Made in small batches 
    • Original flavor, taste, and color.


    • Bilona method
    • made in small batches
    • From A2 milk of Grass-fed Gir and Hallikar cows


    Sahiwa cow ghee

    #4. Kapiva A2 Desi Ghee

    Kapiva - Best ghee in India

    Kapiva-Modern Ayurvedic Nutrition is a brand that serves Ayurvedic products with a modern touch. Their products are based on the principles of Ayurveda, emphasizing pure, seasonal, local, and fresh ingredients.

    Features of Kapiva A2 desi ghee:

    • Kapiva A2 Ghee is made exclusively from the a2 milk of Gir cows, ensuring superior quality and authenticity.
    • Using the ancient curd-churning technique.
    • The cows are fed a natural, grass-based diet.
    • Rich texture, color, and nutritional goodness.
    • Prepared without any synthetic additives or preservatives.


    • Use the bilona method
    • Unadulterated, pure and organic

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    #5. Vedic Ghee A2 Cultured Ghee

    Vedic Ghee - Best ghee in India

    Kesariya Vedic Farm is a 100% natural and nourishing farm that makes superfoods that give your family the kind of wholesome care that only mother nature can offer. Over the past 14 years, they have created one of the most beloved brands in A2 Ghee in India.

    Features of Vedic A2 cultured ghee:

    • Made from Gir cow ghee
    • Make milk from the Grass-fed cow
    • Free from pesticides and chemicals
    • Use bilona method to make their ghee
    • Enhance physical and mental strength 


    • Lab Certified
    • Ghee from Non-GMO cows
    • Grass-fed cow

    #6. Jivika Naturals 

    Jivika naturals A2 ghee

    Jivika Organics was founded in Hyderabad in 2016. They specialize in producing and promoting natural, healthy food products that are free from harmful toxins, fertilizers, and chemicals to promote good health and happiness.

    Features of Jivika Naturals A2 ghee:

    • Milk is from a single origin
    • Ghee is made by churning curd.
    • They use wooden bilona for curd churning. 
    • They extract milk from the grass-fed desi cow.
    • Their ghee is healthy and pure and contains all the essential vitamins and nutrients. 


    • Hand-made
    • Ghee retains natural, aroma, taste, and nutritional value
    • Unadulterated

    #7. Indicow A2 ghee 

    Indicow A2 ghee

    Indicow emerged in response to the corporate era's decline of natural products, driven by FMCG giants compromising on authenticity. Their mission is to revive traditional practices by providing preservative-free, chemical-free, and Ayurvedic products. Combining Ayurveda recommendations with modern science checks, Indicow ensures top-quality items, from honey to oils.

    Features of Indicow A2 ghee:

    • Made from desi cow milk of single origin.
    • Made from the bilona method 
    • Their ghee passed all the safety checks and is safe for consumption of all ages.
    • They use the bilona method for ghee making. 


    • Made by churning curd
    • Made in small batches in earthen pots

    gir cow ghee

    #8. Isha A2 Ghee 

    Isha A2 ghee

    Isha Life by Sadhguru offers a modern take on India's profound Yoga, cuisine, and craftsmanship. From eco-friendly bags, baskets, woodwork, and metal art, along with health and wellness products, all-natural soaps, shampoos, and spiritual growth objects. Isha Life aims to bring the wisdom of the Yogic sciences to everyone.

    Features of Isha Ghee:

    • Hand-made ghee
    • Made from grass-fed desi cows
    • Crafted through the Bilona method
    • Made by churning curd
    • Excellent taste, and aroma


    • Extracted using non-exploitative methods

    #9. Two brothers organic farm A2 Cultured Ghee
    Two brothers Organic farm- Best Ghee in India

    In 2012, the 'Two Brothers' returned to their village to pursue farming. Today, Two Brothers Organic Farms is a biodiverse, self-sustaining food system in Bhodani village, Maharashtra, certified by ECOCERT. Our work is guided by principles of Regenerative Agriculture and offers solutions to public health and climate change challenges.

    Features of Two Brothers A2 ghee:

    • Made from the milk of indigenous cow breed
    • Ghee made from the milk of grass-fed cow
    • Use bilona method
    • Made from natural A2 yogurt
    • Do not contain any additives and artificial preservatives.


    • Enriched with healthy fats, and vitamins

    #10. Himalayan Natives A2 Cow Ghee

    Himalayan - Best ghee in India

    Himalayan Natives is a food brand that focuses on urban health and lifestyle. It is a home-grown brand that shares the same values as its parent brand, the soulful Himalayan Connect. The brand produces 100% vegetarian, natural, and organic food using ethical means.

     Features of Himalayan Native A2 Ghee:

    • Enriched with protein, iron, sodium, calcium, vitamins A, D, and E, and Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids.
    • Made with precision and care.
    • Enhances the flavor and aroma of Indian dishes and modern recipes.
    • Support local communities and farmers.
    • No artificial preservatives or chemicals are used.


    • Unprocessed Products
    • Unprocessed Products
    • GMO-Free
    • Ethically & Sustainably sourced

       #11. Gir Organic A2 Ghee

      Gir Organic - Best ghee in India

      Features of Gir Organic A2 ghee:

      • Ghee made from the milk of free-grazing Gir cows.
      • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acids.
      • No use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified ingredients.
      • Ghee made by the bilona method.


      • Prepared in small batches


      #12. Auric A2 ghee 

      Auric A2 cow ghee

      Properties of Auric A2 ghee

      • Made from desi cow milk
      • Made from grass-fed cow
      • Good source of energy and vitality
      • Natural immunity booster and antioxidant
      • Ghee is full of essential vitamins and nutrients 
      • Use Bilona method for ghee making.


      • Improve memory and heart functioning

      Buffalo ghee

      #13. Ketofy Ghee 

      Ketofy cow ghee

      Properties of Ketofy Ghee

      • Made from grass-fed Kankrej cows
      • Use bilona method ghee making
      • Full of nutrients and healthy vitamins 
      • This ghee has plenty of health benefits such as aid in digestion, improve cognitive functions, gut health, etc.


      • Healing and nourishing properties

      #14. CowGold A2 Cow Ghee 

      CowGold - best ghee in india 

      Features of CowGold A2 cow ghee:

      • Made from the milk of A2 Indian cows (Gir & Sahiwal).
      • Made from the Vedic bilona method.
      • A2 Ghee is filled with a rich, creamy texture and a distinct aroma that adds depth to various dishes.
      • Free from any additives or preservatives.


      • Free of all kinds of adulterants

      #15. Gavyamart A2 Ghee 

      Gavyamart - Best ghee in India

      Features of Gavyamart A2 desi ghee:

      • The ghee is rich in both flavor and health benefits.
      • Produced using the centuries-old bilona technique.
      • Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and nourishing fatty acids to support a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.
      • Mouthwatering aroma and taste make it an outstanding addition.
      • Improves digestion, and immune system, and supports overall wellness.


      • Increase energy, vitality, and energy

      Why do people in India prefer A2 Desi Ghee over normal Ghee? 

      “Why do people in India prefer A2 desi ghee over normal market ghee”. People always search for purity and such products that are beneficial for their bodies and act positively on them. If they are purchasing ghee then they always prefer A2 desi ghee over normal ghee because they knew that:

      • A2 ghee is hand-made through the bilona method but normal ghee is made using machinery.
      • A2 ghee is made in small batches but normal ghee is made in bulk.
      • A2 ghee is pure and preservative-free but normal ghee contains preservative.
      • A2 ghee is made from the milk of Indian desi cows like Gir, Sahiwal, Hallikar, Tharparker, etc but normal ghee is made from the milk of foreign cows.
      • A2 cow contains A2 beta-casein protein which is beneficial for health but normal ghee contains a harmful protein, eg. A1 beta-casein protein.
      • A2 ghee is ideal for all-round body development but normal ghee creates many health-related issues. 

      That’s why people in India prefer A2 ghee over normal ghee


      In conclusion, we can say that A2 ghee is more beneficial than normal ghee because A2 ghee is made from ancient Bilona method by the churning the curd.

      We are assured somewhere that Bilona A2 ghee contains all the health benefits and medicinal properties but it is hard to say anything about normal cow ghee. So, if you are health conscious person then consider choosing A2 ghee for your health diet. 

      FAQ about best ghee brands in India

      1. What is A2 desi ghee?

      A2 desi ghee is a type of pure ghee that is made from Indian A2 superior cow's milk. It contains A2 protein that’s why it is called A2 Ghee.

      This A2 protein is only found in Indian desi cows. This A2 protein has a lot of health benefits and considers pure ghee. That's why it gains a lot of popularity these days.

      2. What is the health benefits of eating A2 ghee?

      Some potential health benefits of A2 desi ghee are:

      • Full of nutritional components
      • Rich in vital fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E, and K. 
      • Extremely beneficial for health.
      • Contains lots of medicinal properties.
      • Best and healthy alternative for cooking oil.

      3. How is A2 desi ghee different from regular ghee?

      A2 Desi Ghee

      Normal or regular Ghee

      Made from indigenous cow milk like Gir, Sahiwal, Hallikar, etc

      Use foreign cows such as Friesian or Jersey cow

      Grass-fed cow

      Grain-fed cow

      Use bilona method in ghee making

      Use machinery in ghee making

      Ghee made from curd

      Ghee made from butter

      Free from preservatives and adulterants 

      Can not say anything 

      Numbers of health benefits

      Harmful for health if consumed for longer

      Full of medicinal properties 

      Most of the medicinal properties are destroyed in ghee making process

      4. Why A2 ghee is expensive?

      A2 ghee is more expensive because:
      • A2 cow milk is expensive than normal cow milk
      • Needs more physical hard work because it does not use any machinery for production.
      • Use the bilona method which is more laborious
      • Production of A2 ghee is limited because Indian cows only give 12-15 litre of milk per day, whereas 25 to 30 liters of A2 milk is required to make 1 litre A2 ghee.
      • It is in high demand.

      5. What is Bilona ghee? Is it is a special ghee?

      Bilona ghee is a type of ghee that is made from the churning of curd by bilona (wooden churner) with hands. Yes, bilona ghee is a special type of ghee because ghee made from bilona gives it natural essence and preserves its all nutritional value

      6. I don't listen about A2 ghee earlier how can I believe to buy A2 ghee?

      If you're still unaware of A2 ghee, its Okay! A2 ghee is a type of ghee that contains a special type of protein called A2 beta-casein protein.

      This protein is only found in indigenous cow breeds such as Gir, Sahiwal, Hallikar, Tharparker, etc. In simple words, ghee made from the milk of a desi cow is called A2 ghee.

      So, always consider buying A2 ghee because it is more beneficial than other kinds of non-A2 ghee.

      You can buy Pure A2 Desi Ghee directly from our farm here -
      sahiwal cow ghee
      A2 Sahiwal Cow Ghee
      gir cow ghee
      A2 Gir Cow Ghee
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      Just recommended. Fantastic quality, taste, and aroma. Worth of money, My whole family has been using Shahji Ghee for 5 months.


      I was searching the best ghee in India, and I landed on this site. I purchased Shahji Ghee for the first time. I was fearing a lot about the quality of the ghee, but I dared and give it a try, so I purchased it. After tasting it with my meal, my decision to buy it was right. This ghee is really a high-quality ghee, and it satisfies my all needs, I am now a regular customer of Shahji Ghee.


      I think you should try shahjighee, I liked their a2 ghee and you would also like it.

      Kavita Jha

      Nice article! I have tried shahjighee, the ghee was pure and danedaar, but the delivery was late.

      Kavita Jha

      Bhai sahab, shahji ne mera dil khush kar diya, gajab ki swad aur gajab ka quality. 2-3 liter to apne ristedaro ko bhejwa diya hai.
      best ghee in india


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